Deer who lost her mother has the sweetest bond with a raccoon.

Carrie Long, a qualified wildlife rehabilitator, received a report about a baby raccoon in danger last year. He was only 3 weeks old when his mother abandoned him, and he was discovered clinging to life during a thunderstorm.

Long, whose group, Texas Fawn and Friends, specializes in saving orphaned deer, chose to take in the raccoon. He was named Jasper.

Long told The Dodo, “We were uncertain that he would survive.”

Jasper lived because to Long’s compassion and care, and he is now paying it forward.

Jasper has elected to continue calling Long’s deer sanctuary his home despite having reached adulthood and being free to venture out on his own. Currently, he joyfully shares the expansive space with around seventy-five orphaned deer under the care of Texas Fawn and Friends, but one in particular has won his heart.

Her name is Hope. She also lost her mother as a child. However, Jasper ensures that she never feels alone.

“Jasper just loves her,” Long said. “When he sees her, he dashes toward her to lick and adore her. It is the cutest thing ever.”

Here is video evidence of Jasper and Hope’s adorable friendship:

Jasper and hope are fortunate. And everything is on their own terms.

Long stated, “He sees her every single day.” “She arrives in the evening and lies close to him. They have an excellent relationship.”

This year, Long anticipates caring for over a hundred orphaned fawns, many of whom would certainly perish without the dedication and efforts of Texas Fawn And Friends. There, though, their lives are not only rescued; they are given the opportunity to thrive.

Long would not accept any other outcome.

She stated, “It’s incredibly gratifying employment.”

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