One of the clearest tubular UFO photographs ever taken was сарtᴜгed during the Gemini IV Sighting (VIDEO)

Astronauts James McDivit and Ed White pH๏τographed a mysterious tubular-shaped object that many unidentified flying object specialists “praise” as one of the best images ever taken of UFOs in space. This occurred during NASA’s Gemini IV mission.

NASA’s Gemini IV mission went down in history for being the protagonist of the first spacewalk in history.

However, during the stay of astronauts James McDivit and Ed White, in the ship, they were able to witness something much more impressive and mysterious: a strange tubular-shaped object floating above Earth’s orbit.

James McDivitt, stood out for having been the head of Apollo 9 and author of one of the iconic pH๏τos in space. He was also commander of the 1965 Gemini 4 mission, where along with his best friend and colleague Ed White he conducted the first spacewalk.

The best pH๏τograph of a UFO in history

Gemini IV was launched into space in 1965 and circled the earth 66 times. A breakthrough in the space race for the United States.

However, what was truly impressive about the Gemini IV mission was the pH๏τograph taken by the mission commander, James McDivitt, where you can see a strange object floating adrift, with a unique clarity among all the pH๏τographs of UFO sightings.

According to McDivitt, the UFO was a cylindrical object, with a defined and white shape. In his confusion, McDivitt couldn’t figure out if the object was near or far from the spacecraft.

He explained:

“The object in question looked like an elongated arm, and there was another pencil-like object protruding from this large cylinder.”

Also, the captain is confused about the distance at which the object was.


“I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a large object at a far distance, or if it was a small object at a close distance. But out of fear that it might collide with the object, I turned on the ship’s control system to get away from there.”

It was because there was nothing he could measure it with. In other words, he didn’t actually know how big the object was.

Many skeptics offer “rational” explanations for what McDivitt may have pH๏τographed. However, others will say that this is further proof that UFOs exist and are living closely with humans in space.

Interestingly, in 2015, several images appeared on the Internet, allegedly taken from the aircraft carrier USS Trepang (SS-674).

These images show a mysterious unidentified object that several researchers “believe is very similar” if not the same, to the UFO pH๏τographed by James McDivitt during the Gemini IV mission.

The UFO images taken by the crew of the USS Trepang SSN 674, were taken in March 1971. And are available thanks to John Grinewald of Black Vault and Alex Mistretta of Top Secret Magazine.

And well, the information is there for everyone to draw their own conclusions about it, since finally, as happens with all UFO sightings, there are alternative explanations, since there is nothing clear about what James McDivitt pH๏τographed. and since there is no official and coherent explanation, everything could be.

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