The boy was quite sleepy and just opened his eyes to look at the hair on the back of his neck when he spotted this.

A few days ago, at midnight, an 8-year-old boy in Queensland (Australia) was sleeping when he felt severe pain in his body. Opening his eyes, the boy was extremely scared to see a python about 91.4cm long wrapped tightly around his body.

The boy immediately shouted for his parents to come help. Hearing his son’s loud cry, the father quickly ran over and called for help from a rescue team and a snake catcher. Fortunately, the boy was rescued in time from the python’s clutches safely.

Snake catcher Steve Brown shared, this python belongs to the carpet python species, breaking into the house through an error connecting the ceiling to the room’s air-conditioning vent. The fact that the python suddenly attacked a boy for no reason is really worrisome because they usually only attack humans when threatened.

Waking up in the middle of the night, the boy panicked when he saw that he was tightly wrapped by the python.

Apart from the fear, the 8-year-old boy had no other serious problems. “The boy can’t wait to go to school to tell his classmates his story, and the carpet python has been released into the wild,” Steve said.

At the same time, Steve emphasized, in case of encountering wild snakes and pythons at home, it is necessary to ask a professional to handle it, otherwise death from the wound may result.

Before that, at the beginning of April 2021, a horrible incident involving pythons happened in Thailand. On her personal page, Ms. Kanchi Nard said that afternoon, her 11-year-old daughter Gracia did not see the family’s pet cat named Ho Jun.

While going around the house to search, the girl panicked when she discovered a large python in the kitchen, immediately screamed and ran to find her mother. As soon as she saw the python’s bulging belly, Kanchi Nard understood everything.

As it turned out, the cat Ho Jun was swallowed alive by this python. Kanchi Nard’s family had to call a professional rescue team to take away the python.

“It was really horrible. My daughter couldn’t stop crying, was completely devastated and heartbroken. This morning, my mother-in-law just sent her some cat clothes. Gracia now sits still all day. staring at that pile of clothes and Ho Jun’s photo. Hope the lovely Ho Jun rests in peace, the whole family will remember him forever,” said Kanchi Nard.

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