Tomi, Gjina, and Pashuk… We must assist with the horror of the numerous bears kept in captivity.

No wild animal deserves to be in captivity, they are born to thrive in their habitat. Pashuk is one of the bears who have been enslaved for years , treated like a performer for a restaurant, but never allowed out of the cage.

People often took pictures with them and gave them beer, which on many occasions was the only food this bear received.

He lived in a cage for so long that the metal of his chains adhered to his skin, causing him continuous pain. It’s amazing that no one did anything.

Worst of all, Pashuk was not the first bear to go through this kind of torture, the restaurant had already held two other bears captive: Tomi and Gjina.

On all three occasions the bears have been rescued by the Four Paws organization , later they were transferred to the Prishtina Bear Sanctuary in Kosovo.

When Pashuk first arrived at the sanctuary he was so depressed and discouraged that he did not live with anyone and spent the entire day lying inside his compound.

Thanks to the caretakers of the sanctuary, not only his appearance has improved, but also his spirits, now he plays, explores, and lives with people.

“He is in very good shape and health,” said Albana Hoti, the main keeper of the shrine. «He looks very recovered now, he has had a great transformation from the Pashuk of the cage and the Pashuk of now»

For their part, Tomi and Gjina have also made a lot of progress, although the aftermath of being caged and humiliated for a long time is still hard for them to forget.

“Tomi is very calm, he likes to spend time sitting but he really enjoys the sun and the snow, sometimes he is usually very active and climbs the wooden structures in the sanctuary.”

«Gjina is even calmer, recently she has started trying to get closer to other bears that are near a pool, she tries to communicate with them»

For a long time Gjina was fed only leftover bread and more than 20 beers a day, coupled with her captivity, Gjina developed severe anxiety.

At first Gjina was capable of stressing out with any sound or anything, even touching the pool water generated tremendous emotional uncontrollability in her. Now she Gjina is calmer, she likes to swim in the pool and play with the snow.

«The most impressive thing was to see them run throughout the venue. From the first day they touched the grass, their countenance changed and their spirits began to improve»

The three bears live in separate enclosures, the keepers know that their recovery is not over yet and is essential, although they do not rule out the idea that Gjina and Pashuk will be released later.

They are healthy bears now, no comparison to the bears they were when they were in cages.

But they are not the only bears in need of help, there are still other bears that need rescue and support.

You can help these bears in many ways; Sign the petition  here or donate to Four Paws and other organizations that care for animals.

four feet

These bears have been through a very difficult time, it’s time to help them in some way, we condemn those who are able to sacrifice their health and freedom in this way.

Please share this note and help the bears, they need us.

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