18 handicapped puppies are now familiar with the seashore because to a woman’s unending generosity.

If there is something truly satisfying, it is seeing a happy puppy , but seeing 18 euphoric puppies overflowing with happiness is by far one of the best satisfactions for those of us who love and respect furry ones. For our canine friends, going for a walk, playing in the park, exploring nature, is by far one of the most exciting things.

18 disabled puppies discover the beach for the first time and they couldn’t be happier.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to get out of the routine and discover new landscapes with their favorite people.

An example of this is disabled puppies, they may have more difficulty facing a path with stones or weeds, this does not mean that they cannot do it, just that they need a good wheelchair to face new adventures .

And this was precisely what a group of 18 puppies recently experienced, who seemed to explode with happiness after a kind woman took them to visit the beach for the first time .

Salima Kadaoui is the name of the woman who made the most beautiful reality possible. She was determined that her 18 disabled puppies could enjoy a day at the beach like any other furry friend. She turned the idea into the best action plan and gave them an unforgettable day .

Salima founded SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco , a foundation that specializes in sheltering disabled furry ones, many of whom were hit by cars and abandoned. Fortunately, this woman knows that a disability is not the end for them and she does everything possible to improve their quality of life.

The idea of the beach arose after going with some of his puppies, despite the fact that only their front legs work, they ran on the beach from one place to another. It was then, when he realized that he could use the beach as the best place for rehabilitation .

Without hesitation, he organized a trip for the rest of the puppies to see the beach and be extremely happy running from one place to another.

Just imagine sitting on the shore, listening to the waves of the sea, look up and see 18 puppies running with their wheelchairs from one place to another. Without a doubt, a wonderful scene that leaves us in a permanent smile.

Salima gave the best moment to puppies of all breeds, from a tiny corgi to a large German shepherd. Everyone enjoyed the big day . For Salima it was not only a day of fun, she is sure that it was the best rehabilitation therapy for the puppies that she loves so much . Although these furry ones cannot use their hind legs, that does not limit them, thanks to the wheelchair they can run freely and explore new places.

The video was shared online, and of course, netizens did not hesitate to express their appreciation and send gushes of love through positive messages. Some of the comments read:

– “Thank you for doing this for those precious babies. Prayers for you and all the pups. You made their day. God bless you!”

– “God bless you for your kindness with these little animals. You certainly gave a wonderful gift of canine altruism.”

-“God bless you for your compassion for these dogs.”

– “What a beautiful human being, Salima. Taking all your disabled pooches to play and run on the beach. God bless you and your lovely dog friends.”

Those who act from the heart will always be forever grateful. Thanks to those who without strange postures or deceptive appearances are a bridge of light and love in the lives of the furry ones.

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