383/4-Speed: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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We’ve recently seen some excellent examples of Mopar muscle crossing our desks at Barn Finds, and this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner continues that trend. From its stunning exterior to its spotless interior, there is little about this classic warranting criticism. It is a genuine muscle car, meaning its mighty V8 provides the power to back its good looks. The only thing it appears to need is a new home, and many readers might find that prospect irresistible. If you fall into that category, it is worth reading on to see what it offers.

Plymouth introduced the Road Runner in 1968, returning to the very essence of the muscle car philosophy with a vehicle focusing purely on affordable performance. Buyers could add creature comforts, but many preferred to let the V8 do the talking. The badge underwent cosmetic upgrades in 1969, which is when this Bronze Fire example rolled off the line. The seller is sparing with their information, providing no information on its originality. The seemingly flawless paint and panels suggest someone treated it to at least a cosmetic refresh, although the spotless condition throughout this car may indicate a fairly thorough approach. There are no signs of rust issues that might cause the new owner sleepless nights, with the trim and glass as immaculate as the rest of the vehicle. The Magnum 500 wheels are a later addition, but they perfectly suit this Plymouth’s character.

Plymouth left no doubt that the 1969 Road Runner was a genuine muscle car. It offered several engine choices, but when the entry-level 383ci V8 placed 335hp and 425 ft/lbs of torque at the driver’s disposal, the focus on performance was unquestionable. This Plymouth teams the 383 with a four-speed manual transmission, allowing this classic to storm the ¼-mile in 14.5 seconds. Give it a long enough stretch of road and the needle will hover on 132mph. It is disappointing the seller doesn’t indicate whether it is numbers-matching. However, the engine bay is spotless, and it doesn’t flatter to deceive. They say the winning bidder can enjoy it immediately, making flying in and driving home a viable option.

The interior trim and appointments buyers received as standard clearly indicate Plymouth’s focus on performance with the Road Runner. A bench seat and vinyl trim were standard fare, although buyers could splash their cash on creature comforts if they craved a few luxury touches. This Road Runner features a factory AM radio, while someone has mounted aftermarket gauges under the dash to monitor the V8’s health. I would consider the condition and presentation to be consistent with a high-end drive, because it has no needs or shortcomings. The upholstered surfaces are free from wear and damage, while the carpet is excellent. The dash and painted surfaces look impressive, and the pad is free from the cracks and warping that often develop due to age or UV exposure.

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is one of the undisputed stars of the 1960s muscle car scene, and this one has clearly demonstrated that since the seller listed it here on eBay in Portland, Oregon. Twenty-two bids have pushed the price to $28,000, which is beyond the reserve. That means a new home is only days away, and I admit that although I traditionally favor classics wearing the Blue Oval, I will envy the new owner. If you don’t bid, I’m sure you will feel the same.

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