50 People Who Made Someone Laugh On Valentine’s Day With Their Gifts (New Pics)

For some people, Valentine’s Day is a serious occasion full of dreams about fairytale-like romance, receiving dozens of roses, and going on moonlit rides in horse-drawn carriages. Others ignore February 14 completely, seeing it as a way to sell cheesy cards and overprized boxes of chocolate. And then there are true legends who use the opportunity to make their partners laugh harder than they have all year!

Today, we’re paying homage to these masters of comedy. Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest, most creative, and unique Valentine’s Day gifts and cards that people have ever given the love of their lives. You can’t understate how awesome these are—some of them had us laughing louder than we would’ve liked. Check out the very best ones below, and remember to upvote your faves.

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After you’ve enjoyed this list, you can find our earlier article about genius Valentine’s Day gift and card ideas right over here.

Meanwhile, don’t miss out on our interview about witty cards and the most essential things to remember when giving gifts with Ariane Sherine, a comedy writer, music producer, and the author of ‘The How of Happy.’ You’ll find her insights as you read on.

#1 My Girlfriend Got Me This Awesome Shirt For Valentine’s Day But When I Laid It Down To Take A Picture, Our Cat Sat On The Word “Dad” Making The Shirt Just Say “Best Cat Ever”

Image credits: drozdowski13

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 across many parts of the world. Usually, it’s an opportunity for people to show their partners how much they love and care about them. Cue cute cards, flowers, candy, and reservations at romantic restaurants (which may or may not be run by the cast of Ratatouille.

And though most of us know that we shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to show our love, respect, and dedication to our soulmates, it’s still a great excuse to have a ton of fun. Especially if you’re comically inclined (congratulations!) and want to make your partner laugh until they have a stitch in their side.

#2 My GF Got Me This Card On Valentine’s Day Of This Year Before We Were Officially “Dating.” It Still Makes Me Smile

Image credits: yupyup98765


#3 I Got My Wife This Painting Of Me As A Pinup For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: quixote420

We can’t overstate just how much effort the people featured in this list put in, in order to create the best, funniest, and most personal gifts and cards. It’s inspirational. But it’s also a reminder that these folks have raised the bar so high, we’ll have to go all-out this year.

Oh, it might not be a competition! But everyone’s a comedy-loving romantic (deep) at heart, so it’s the perfect opportunity to think outside the box and let your imagination loose. Everyone can use this as an excuse to bring a bit more fun and playfulness into their relationships.

#4 Made This Card For My Valentine This Year

Image credits: rachaelcecile

#5 Woof

Image credits: ArtusExenius

#6 A Valentine’s Day Card I Made When I Was 5

Image credits: bobrien2655

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Bored Panda got in touch with British comedy writer, pop music producer, and happiness expert Ariane Sherine, to get her opinion on how to write hilarious Valentine’s Day cards, as well as what to keep in mind when coming up with gift ideas.

We were curious to hear her thoughts on what the secret to a witty Valentine’s Day card might be. As it turns out, it’s all about how much care you put in while searching for a card that suits your partner best, or how much effort you take to make it personal.

“I think the funniest and best Valentine’s cards are tailored to the person. Browse the cards in the ‘Humor’ section until you find one that fits perfectly—don’t just choose the first one you see,” the comedy writer said.

#7 For Valentine’s Day I Made My Parents Salt And Pepper Shakers Of Their Faces


Image credits: bre_artist_

#8 When You Find The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card, And So Does He

Image credits: harmoniousharpy

#9 Every Valentine’s Day, My Parents Have An Argument About Whether This Is Lazy Or Romantic: My Dad’s Been Using The Same Card For Every Holiday Since I Was In Middle School

Image credits: effstops

“If you don’t find the right fit in one store, keep looking. Then you can customize the card with your own message. Private jokes are perfect to fill the card with,” she said. Couples could think about all of the in-jokes they have and use those as a foundation.

According to the author of ‘The How of Happy,’ originality and creativity “are definitely important” when it comes to gift-giving. It might not be enough to get them a random thing, even if you’re doing it out of love. Take the time to tailor the gift to whom you love.

“The person wants to feel special and unique, not just receive perfume or aftershave (unless that particular perfume or aftershave has a special significance),” Ariane told Bored Panda.

“So try and think: what would my loved one actually want? Have they mentioned anything specific that they like recently?”

#10 My Wife Made Me A Cake For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: iamdudecore

#11 My Dad Accidentally Bought A Same Gender Valentine’s Day Card And Instead Of Getting Another Card, He Drew A Little Beard On One Of The Women

Image credits: PJSamus

#12 My Niece’s Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Card

Image credits: orangeworker


Meanwhile, Ariane stressed the fact that we should all remember that we’ve got every single day in the year to show our loved ones that we care about them.

“Really, every day in your relationship should be equally romantic. You shouldn’t just make a special effort on Valentine’s and then forget the rest of the year!” she said.

“So if this 14th February doesn’t live up to expectations, you have 364 other days in which you can celebrate the love of your life.”

#13 Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Image credits: strangedigital

#14 My Husband Is Going To Love His Valentine’s Day Surprise

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 My Wife Spent Two Months Making This For Me For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: jmdg

Some time ago, dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, explained to Bored Panda that gifts are not essential for happy and healthy relationships unless the person you love places a lot of importance on them.

“What’s most important for most people is that they feel loved, respected, understood, wanted, and appreciated,” he explained to us.

#16 My Wife Hates This Picture Of Me, So Naturally I Made It Into A Blanket For Her As A Valentine’s Gift

Image credits: mrbean27

#17 My Friend Was Just Cheated On. This Is The Valentine’s Day Card She’s Sending Her Ex

Image credits: sugarquills

#18 My Boyfriend’s Note With His Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Today

Image credits: katrinkabuttlin

“Some people really don’t like gift-giving and just want their presence to be the present. Others participate because they assume it’s the right thing to do, whereas others do it because it really means a lot to them and is a token of their love,” the dating expert told us that everyone has a different approach when it comes to gifts.

According to him, gift-giving is an expression of love and appreciation for the other person. However, gifts can also be sued to fit in, be liked, show off, or gain favor.

#19 My Wife Teaches 2nd Grade, This Was Simply Her Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift From One Of Her Students


Image credits: extremx

#20 Valentine’s Day Card From My Wife. That’s A Strong Love

Image credits: powerbookguy

#21 The Valentine’s Day Card I Bought For My Husband

Image credits: shallywally

“For a younger couple in their teens, a teddy bear, a cute trinket, or an inexpensive piece of jewelry is usually something a girl will cherish receiving from her boyfriend. It doesn’t need to be any more original than that when in a very young relationship,” dating expert Dan, from The Modern Man, shared some tips on what gifts people can get their partners on a special occasion.

#22 I Have To Admit We Did Drink One Bottle, But There Were 2 And He Made Like 100 More Of The Stickers

Image credits: jour_ugly

#23 My Girlfriend Knows I Have A Sweet Tooth

Image credits: WOPaneseOne

#24 I May Be Single, But My Sister Sent Me A Pretty Awesome “Broquet” For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: benlew

“For a couple in their 20s that have been together for many years, it can be a wide range of things,” he said, listing “perfume, luxury pajamas with slippers, a puppy or kitten, tickets to a stage show she has been wanting to see, along with a gift voucher for her to buy a dress at her favorite store, etc.” as possible ideas.

#25 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Anything For Valentine’s Day, But I Think I’ve Found The Perfect Gift

Image credits: mathecatical

#26 Valentine’s Day Card From A Student

Image credits: hate_mail

#27 I Bring You Love – Happy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: BrINClHOFrxns

“For a married couple who’ve been together for over a decade, it can also be a wide range of things depending on the woman’s interests,” the expert told Bored Panda.


“Scented candles, a handy charging station for all her devices rather than just having them strewn everywhere in a mess on her bedside table, a new set of high-quality pots and pans, perfume and moisturizer from the same brand in a pack, a painter’s startup kit (e.g. easel, palette, paints, canvasses) so she can try out painting as a hobby.”

#28 Found This Card In A Local Charity Shop. Keeping It For Valentine’s Day. The Oldies Amongst You Will Smile

Image credits: DarthVarn

#29 Best Card To Give My Husband On Our First Valentine’s Day As A Married Couple

Image credits: tibtibs

#30 I Got The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever. Cross Stitching Is Finally Being Used For Good

Image credits: kayriss

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day, dear Pandas? Have you figured out how you’d like to surprise the love of your life this year? What are the most creative, funny, or unusual gifts and cards that you ever received on February 14? We’d love to hear from you! Drop by the comment section and share your thoughts with us.

#31 No One Does Valentine’s Day Like First Graders

“Do you like hugs or kisses from your family? Explain why using complete sentences below!”“I like kisses more because when somwon kisses me I feel litle pices of love driping into my heart”

Image credits: caffiener

#32 Take Note Boys, This Is How You Do Valentine’s Day Right

Image credits: Donkeychuker

#33 8 Years Ago I Horribly Photoshopped Our Family On A Mug To Make My Wife Laugh After A Hard Week. It Delivered On Valentine’s Day, So We Turned It Into A Yearly Tradition

Image credits: Timfrostyo

#34 When Your Wife Loves The Dog More Than You, This Is Your Valentine’s Gift

Image credits: DcKnox88

#35 You Know It’s Meant To Be When You Both Buy The Same Comically Offensive Valentine’s Card For Each Other

Image credits: mykeuk

#36 Sister’s Gift To Her Husband

Image credits: TraditionalRest808

#37 Made My Significant Other A Valentine’s Day Card

Image credits: gwyn15

#38 The Valentine’s Card My Girlfriend Made For Me

Image credits: alonsosfera

#39 Men Deserve Flowers Too, So I Made My BF His Special Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: put_it_in_my_face

#40 Valentine’s Meat Tray For One

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Made My Boyfriend The Dumbest Thing I Could Think Of For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: HideTheDecay

#42 Gonna Surprise The Wife With Some Flours For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: mulrooney13

#43 This Valentine’s Day Card Spotted By The Husband Today

Image credits: ilovemyking

#44 My Valentine’s Day Card From My Wife

Image credits: FlyingHotPocket

#45 Made My GF A Valentine’s Day Card

Image credits: council_estate_kid

#46 My GF Hinted She Wants A Teddy Bear For Valentine’s Day. I Hope She Likes It

Image credits: MentalRobot

#47 Asked The Florist To Write About Our Last Valentine’s Day As Unmarried Couple. They Sent A Different Message

Image credits: Billyxmac

#48 Wish I Could Have Gotten A Valentine’s Day Card Like This

Image credits: FranklyMyDearest

#49 Girlfriend Made Me This Card For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: ImperialAssassin

#50 Gift Idea For Singles On Valentine’s Day

Image credits: mygoshgurl

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