A $102 million contract to supply JLTVs to international partners was awarded to Oshkosh Defense

Oshkosh Defense Receives $102 Million Order to Supply JLTVs to International Allies

Oshkosh Defense, a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, has recently announced a significant development in its ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge military solutions. The U.S. Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal has taken a noteworthy step by placing a substantial order worth $102 million for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs). These advanced vehicles are slated to be delivered to several nations including Romania, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Brazil, and Montenegro. This decision is a testament to the continued global recognition of the JLTV’s exceptional qualities in terms of mobility, protection, reliability, and interoperability, making it a preferred choice for various NATO, Allied, and Coalition partners seeking a reliable Light Tactical Vehicle solution. It’s noteworthy that a total of seven international customers have already shown their commitment by ordering or expressing interest in harnessing this remarkable capability.

Lithuanian Army Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs)

With a clear commitment to aiding its international allies in enhancing their defense capabilities and fostering interoperation with the U.S. Military, Oshkosh Defense is making strides in this endeavor. John Lazar, Vice President of International for Oshkosh Defense, underlined this commitment while highlighting Lithuania’s engagement with the JLTVs. He mentioned that Lithuania has already received its second delivery of these vehicles and is set to build a robust fleet of 500 JLTVs by the conclusion of 2024.

Slovenian Army Oshkosh Defense JLTVs equipped with RS CROWS Remote Weapon Station (RWS).

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program stands as a significant initiative by the United States military, specifically the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, aimed at replacing a portion of the Humvee fleet. This is being achieved through the introduction of a family of vehicles that are not only more resilient but also capable of carrying larger payloads. The origins of the JLTV program can be traced back to 2006 when initial studies were given the green light. After a rigorous evaluation process, Oshkosh’s L-ATV emerged as the victor in August 2015, earning the contract for initial production, which could encompass up to 16,901 JLTVs. Over time, the JLTV family and its classifications underwent refinements, leading to the assignment of M designations to four distinct JLTV configurations by the U.S. Army.

North Macedonian Army Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs)

Oshkosh Defense’s reputation as a global frontrunner in military vehicle design, production, and sustainability is well-deserved. Their focus on integrating emerging technologies to elevate safety and mission success sets them apart. Moreover, the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining fleet readiness is an industry benchmark. Oshkosh Corporation, under which Oshkosh Defense operates, is known worldwide for its diverse range of products that serve more than 150 countries. These products are offered under various brand names, including JLG®, Pierce®, Oshkosh® Defense, McNeilus®, IMT®, Jerr-Dan®, Frontline™, Oshkosh® Airport Products, London™, Pratt Miller, and Maxi-Metal.

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