A brave dog with no legs fights so hard that he can stand up and walk like a human.

A dog is being an example of courage and improvement after his tireless fight after an unfortunate accident with his legs.

When the family of a furry man named Dexter brought him home in 2015, they had no idea how much this creature would mean to their lives. The dog not only came to give them love and happiness, but with his perseverance and determination, he has become the greatest example of self-improvement that they have witnessed in their lives.

Kentee Pasek is Dexter’s mother and she still remembers with terror the moments of anguish she experienced when her dog was involved in a terrible accident . Dexter was a mischievous pup and one day he ran away from home not knowing the danger he was in.

“Dexter escaped from the yard and we searched for him as soon as it happened, but he’s fast. My husband Tim found him running along the road. Dexter crossed the street right in front of a moving van. Got a call from Tim saying ‘Dexter hurt his front legs a bit.’ When I got to the scene, it was MUCH worse than he imagined,” said Kentee Pasek.

Kentee remembers that day as “any owner’s worst nightmare . ” Because they lived in the middle of the mountains, Tim drove for hours to the nearest veterinary clinic for Dexter to receive specialized medical attention.

That trip was decisive for the furry one, because his daddies didn’t know if he was going to resist. Fortunately he did, although the damage caused by the accident was irreparable.

The puppy lost one of its front legs and the other was immobilized from its elbow.

Dexter wore a cone for more than a year and also had to do everything he could to walk again. Despite the hard process, this dog showed what he was made of.

“I was always super happy to be alive, smiling and being positive. There were many days when his attitude was contagious to the rest of us. I was glad just to see him. One day I put him outside in his kennel in the sun, and he was so happy to be outside, even as hurt as he was, he loved being with us,” Pasek said.

During his recovery, the pup learned to walk using a technique Kentee called “peg leg hop tripod walking,” but now the way he moved wowed his mommy.

Dexter enjoys walking fast, so he decided to learn how to walk like humans: on two legs. This furry is now a bipedal dog and the first time his parents saw him they couldn’t believe it.

“I caught him walking up the front stairs… I was shocked and scared that he would get hurt again. I remember being both in awe and apprehension for this determined dog,” the human mother said proudly.

After that first attempt, Dexter perfected his art of walking on two legs and is now quite an expert.

Seeing him walk like that is strange for many, but for his family it is not only the reflection of a miracle, but of a fighting and determined spirit.

The day these people brought Dexter home they did not imagine the great life lessons they would learn with him, but today they are happy to have overcome so many tests together as a true family. For his part, Dexter is still as happy and radiant as he has always shown himself to be and enjoys morning outings with his daddies.

Dexter’s life is a great example for everyone, his story is undoubtedly an inspiration to many and reminds us that we should never let ourselves be defeated, no matter how great the adversities.

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