A compassionate nurse from Minnesota, USA, embarked on a courageous journey by adopting twin boys born with rare genetic defects

Linda Trepanier, a compassionate nurse from Minnesota, USA, embarked on a courageous journey by adopting twin baby boys who were born with a rare genetic deformity. Matthew and Marshall Trepanier, now three years old, suffer from Pfeiffer Syndrome, a condition that caused their skull bones to fuse prematurely in the womb, resulting in misshapen, oversized heads. These adorable boys captured Linda’s heart when she first laid eyes on them.

Initially, Linda became their foster carer at the tender age of four weeks, as their biological parents were unable to provide proper care. Recognizing Linda’s dedication and love for the twins, social services approached her with the idea of permanent adoption. Linda, however, couldn’t bear the thought of separating the inseparable duo and chose to adopt both boys wholeheartedly.

Linda reminisces about the moment she first saw the twins, describing them as the most adorable little beings she had ever encountered. Their tiny bodies, weighing only 8 pounds, were in stark contrast to their oversized heads. It was an instant connection, and Linda knew deep down that these boys were meant to be her sons.

Although Linda’s decision was met with skepticism from family and friends who thought she should be looking forward to retirement, she remained steadfast in her resolve to provide a loving home for Matthew and Marshall. With her background as a nurse, Linda felt equipped to handle the challenges that their condition presented. She acknowledges that their unique needs would have made it difficult for a regular parent to care for them. However, Linda’s experience and compassion as a nurse enabled her to provide the specialized care and attention the boys required.

Pfeiffer Syndrome, the rare genetic defect inherited from their father, affects the boys’ facial and skull structure. Alongside their misshapen heads, Matthew and Marshall also suffer from severe hand and foot deformities, fibrous joints, high foreheads, displaced ears, and protruding eyes. Their condition necessitates round-the-clock care, regular medical appointments, and numerous surgeries to reshape their fused skull bones.

Linda’s unwavering commitment to the twins is evident in her daily routine. She diligently checks their temperatures every few hours, ensuring they are protected from infections. At night, she secures them tightly in bed to prevent them from accidentally removing their breathing tubes. These tubes provide a direct airway to their lungs, making even a common cold or flu potentially life-threatening. Linda carries an oxygen tank whenever they venture outdoors, prepared for any emergencies that may arise.

 The mum said they are 'the most adorable little things I had ever seen'

While Matthew and Marshall face significant challenges, Linda firmly believes that with the right care, they can lead independent lives. She has been their devoted caretaker since their arrival in 2014 when she began fostering them. Last month, their adoption was officially finalized, solidifying the unbreakable bond between Linda and her beloved sons.

 The boys have misshapen, oversized heads due to Pfeiffer Syndrome

Linda’s selflessness extends beyond Matthew and Marshall, as she has been fostering and caring for a total of 16 children since leaving her career as a regular nurse in 1986. Supported by registered nurses and her three other adoptive children, Linda remains dedicated to her life’s purpose of providing love and care to children in need.

Through the smiles and infectious laughter of Matthew and Marshall, Linda finds joy and fulfillment in her role as their mother. Her immense love for these boys has touched the hearts of everyone who meets them, proving that in the face of adversity, unbreakable love can overcome any challenge.

 'I knew in my heart that they were my boys,' Linda said

Linda’s mother’s heart became extremely strong when she saw these two little angels. At first sight, she realized that Matthew and Marshall were the loveliest children she had ever met. “Every time I see these twins, I immediately fall in love with them. They have big heads and small bodies. Even though they weigh 8 pounds, their bodies are only the size of babies. , so most of their weight comes from the head,” said Linda.

 The 58-year-old says her family and friends thought she was crazy - but now adore them too Linda initially only adopted the two children as temporary carers after their parents were unable to secure care. But then social service workers went to Linda – a professional nursing nurse – to ask if she would like to adopt one of the babies. However, Linda was unable to separate these two lovely boys. She decided to adopt them both and became the biological mother of Matthew and Marshall. Linda said: “I knew in my heart that they were my sons. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t take care of them. Maybe they would find another foster home for them. , but no one knows for sure”.

 The condition caused their skull bones to fuse prematurely in the womb The two babies’ special health conditions require Linda to take care of them around the clock. Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disease, affects the faces and skulls of two children. Their skull bones do not expand as the brain grows, causing problems with the skeletal system.

 They need wheelchairs to get around because the condition affects their mobility Matthew and Marshall were diagnosed with Pfeiffer type 2, which is characterized by severe deformity of the arms and legs, rough joints, high forehead, displaced ears and anterior eyes. This condition requires round-the-clock care and regular treatment.  Linda has to check their temperatures every few hours In the past two years, both babies have had three surgeries to reconstruct the bones of their skulls that were linked before they were born, creating space for their brains to grow. They need a breathing tube to live, use a wheelchair to get around due to a condition that affects mobility, and wear glasses due to poor vision.  The bone can't expand as the brain grows Linda has to check the babies’ temperatures every few hours for infections, and when she takes them out, she carries an oxygen tank in case of an emergency. However, Linda said that with the right care – which she was determined to give them – the two babies have a chance to live an independent life.

 She began fostering them in 2014 and their adoption was finalised last month Linda gave up her career as a regular nurse to care for sick children at home in 1986. She has adopted 16 children since. She is assisted by registered nurses who help in the care of Matthew and Marshall, as well as her three other adopted children.

 They have both had three operations to reshape the skull bone that has fused together Linda shared: “When I was young, I always thought that I wanted to be a nurse and take care of children. That was always my passion and when I started working in foster care and teaching for children. other nurses take care of me, I feel like that’s what I was born to do.  They weighed 8lbs at birth but their bodies were the size of newborns, so most of the weight was because of their heads “They’re hard work, but they’re also fun – they’re always happy and smiling. Most of the time when one guy laughs, the other guy automatically laughs too.

 With the right care they have a chance to live independent lives

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