A devout worker laments the loss of his cherished horse with the words, “You are always in my heart.”

The love and loyalty that animals have for humans is unconditional, no matter what kind of animal it is. This is what was demonstrated by a noble pony that accompanies his elderly human every day , until his life ends due to advanced age.

They become best friends

José Carmen Moya, an old Salvadoran man better known as Don Carmelo , was a tireless milkman in an area called Ahuachapán; At the age of 70, he leaves home every day to work supplying the handicrafts that his beloved wife has painstakingly prepared.

They are a humble old couple

On his long journey, Don Carmelo had Trenecito as a faithful companion, a horse that accompanied him for nine years, until he died on the cobbled streets.

Seeing the small ship on the ground, the old man couldn’t hold back his tears and raised his wrinkled hands to the sky to thank him for all he had gone through with the steed. The horse has accompanied him to work since he started having difficulty walking due to rheumatism.

“I knelt down on the sidewalk to thank God for the days that lent me it, it was my legs because I couldn’t walk . He is faithful, he serves me in everything. After God help me raise my wife.

Yesterday I got home and gave him the last few cents that the little horse left us. She started crying because we are both old. We both started crying. Little train, I will always have you in my heart. Thank you little horse for everything you did”, said Don Carmelo.

It was a veterinarian and photographer from the area who captured the tragic scene and decided to share it on social networks, but he never imagined the great impact it would have, touching the hearts of thousands of people who wanted to help the old man and his family.

It was a family from the region who was moved by what happened and decided to give the old man a horse that they raised since he was little and, being young, he will be able to accompany Don Carmelo in his work for a long time.

“I know you will be in good hands. We have grown up with the horse, but he needs it . He has been in the family for a long time, he was little, ”said the former human of the horse given to Don Carmelo.

The old man named his new steed Justiciero , since he considers that it was a true act of justice that many people took a moment of their lives to learn about his story and wanted to help him.

Congratulations on this old man, without a doubt, Justiciero will be treated with much love, as much as the one that the Little Train had.

has a new partner

Share this emotional story of unconditional love with all your friends that shows us that love for animals goes beyond life.

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