A dog that has been pushing its owner’s “wheelchair” for years is captured

Ma’nao, a shoe shiner, is a man who suffered from Polio at the age of 6 and due to this disease lost mobility in both legs. He has become very popular in his hometown, Magou Town, China.

Ma has lived alone with her dogs for 40 years. Widowed and childless, he has found the wonderful company of one of his dogs, named Big Yellow.

Big Yellow is the offspring of a dog Ma had 2 years ago. Big isn’t just any dog, she’s Ma’s best companion. Because Ma can’t move except in a wheelchair (and even in a chair it’s difficult for her), Big Yellow taught herself to push her human back. going to work and back.

Due to the little work he has, Ma can’t buy much to eat, sometimes he only has for himself.

But that doesn’t matter, Big Yellow goes on a tour of the local restaurants and since almost the whole town knows her, they give her the day’s leftovers and after eating she always returns to her dad’s side, Ma.

After the story of Ma and Big Yellow became famous in China, the government decided to give her the subsidy that Ma was supposed to have had 20 years ago.

Now, with that help from the government, Big and Ma always have food and share it together. They even gave Ma a new wheelchair, but he prefers to use her old chair and the help of her best friend.

However, some people who only saw the photos on the networks, and did not know the story in depth, launched harsh criticism of the man. Some, even knowing the end of the story, see with bad eyes that the poor puppy is used like this. Sadly, it is what unfair societies force marginalized people to do; because neither his family nor a helping hand are there, but a faithful dog takes his place.

Without a doubt, dogs are the best friends of the human being, we cannot believe the level of love, help and loyalty of this dog for his owner and well… he is no longer his owner, he is his best friend!

We invite you to share the love and loyalty of Big Yellow with all your friends. And we sincerely hope that together they find a place to call home.

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