A dog who has been rescued pulls a blanket to give to a puppy that was shivering in the cold

All furry ones are special beings, but the gesture of a dog is going around the world, especially because it reveals what a four-legged angel who lived on the street keeps in his heart.

We all know that a show of kindness can change the world and that’s what a little puppy in Brazil showed. She left her own comfort to make sure her new friend was safe on a cold night.

Lana is a stray dog who was lucky enough to be adopted

The 8-month-old dog was rescued from the streets with her siblings late last year. Shortly thereafter, she was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her boyfriend , growing up as a very happy pet in her new life.

She is still a puppy, but despite her young age, she has taught her owners and the world a great lesson on what it means to be empathetic, supportive and compassionate.

A photo of her sharing her new blanket with a homeless dog quickly went viral.

Lana was filled with everything a pup could want: delicious meals, a warm bed, great company and, of course, tons of love.

But despite now having all the love and affection a pup could hope for, Lana clearly hasn’t forgotten how hard life is for dogs without homes.

Cold nights had been a problem for the dog in the past, and the weather had been quite cold in that region recently, so Suelen bought her a thicker blanket for Lana to keep warm.

But Little did Suelen know that Lana would soon give up her own comfort a bit for the sake of a new friend in need.

What none of the owners of this little girl came to imagine was that Lana would teach them a great lesson: generosity. And what a way to show us how animals can become more charitable and kind than us.

In the morning, when Suelen’s fiancé left for work, he discovered that Lana had dragged her blanket outside to share with a shivering stray dog. Lana made sure to give her furry companion some warmth on that icy night as she pulled half of her blanket through the gate of her home.

Seeing the friend homeless and cold, Lana did not hesitate to share the blanket. she took it to the fence and offered a piece to her friend ».

This couple had seen the stray dog before, but was so shy that they wouldn’t let them get close to it to see if it had a dog tag or was injured. But this shyness didn’t extend to Lana, who didn’t stop trying to help her new friend.

“I thought: how beautiful what he did for his friend…My four-legged best friend reminded me of something so important: generosity, said Suelen.”

Since then, Suelen and her boyfriend have seen the dog on and off, but he keeps running away whenever they try to get close.

Now Suelen and her fiancé make sure to leave food outside the house for the little one. They hope that if he is lost, they can help him find his way back home. In case that doesn’t happen, they will do their best to find him a new home where they can give him his own blanket and all the love he could possibly need.

“She is the prettiest little dog I have ever met…sometimes we forget what a difference we can make in someone’s life, she reminded me of this,” Schaumloeffel commented.

Lana didn’t forget her roots and how hard living on the street can be, so she helped this homeless pup by making sure to show us how a simple gesture can be so meaningful to the life of someone in need.

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