A family on vacation in New Zealand was shocked to come see a bizarre animal with a mustache like a lion’s mane.

A family walking along the north coast of Auckland, New Zealand, was surprised to discover a giant jellyfish. The giant jellyfish belongs to the order Semaeostomeae, also known as lion’s mane jellyfish, and can measure up to 2.3 meters in diameter.


Eve and Adam Dickinson and their two children found specimens of this species on Pakiri Beach, north of Warkworth. “They (jellyfish) were everywhere and we were amazed. Then we see this huge one that looks different from all the others. We spent hours looking at it because of its beautiful color and shape. My son says it’s like a volcano,” Eve said.

According to NIWA marine biologist Diana Macpherson, this jellyfish is very common in the area, especially during the hottest part of the year. However, seeing them so early (in September) was surprising.

The biologist said: ‘They usually appear around spring and summer, because the plankton starts to bloom, they also appear. Eve also said she and her family were impressed when they saw the animal.

“That’s great! We flipped a few other (jellyfish) on the beach to see if they resembled the giant we found, but they weren’t the same. That was big,” Dickinson said.

In October, other animals of this species were seen on New Zealand beaches. Mike Page, the marine ecologist at NIWA, said that although jellyfish pose no health risk, adults need to be careful with children, who should keep their distance from these animals.According to Macpherson, although the lion’s mane jellyfish is not venomous, its sting can cause injury.

“They have a poison in their tentacles that can hurt if you get too close to them. So you have to treat them with caution.”So guys, what do you think of the article? Leave your opinion in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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