A four-year-old puppy that was left outside tethered is now in a loving home

An abandoned dog was found earlier this year chained to a tree on a farm in central Georgia without any food, a bed, or any protection from climate change. He was put to awful conditions for four years.

Although a pit bull should weigh between 20 and 30 kilos, he had a terrible aspect, weighed only around 11 kilograms, and had injuries from shackles on his neck.

The Cordele Animal Shelter made the story public by publishing it on social media along with some terrible images after receiving an anonymous complaint.

The poor creature was in desperate need of a new home where he would finally receive the love he had been denied for so long.

The public’s reaction to the dog’s story was largely favorable; as a result, it was widely publicized. The rescue group Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc. did not hesitate to rush to the scene as soon as possible to save the dog; they were willing to risk their lives.

The dog, formerly known as “Cocaine,” fortunately found a foster home soon and is currently making a full recovery.

In addition, he has earned the title “Hero” in honor of his courage and fortitude, and the changes he has gone through as a result of his rescuers’ dedication are well-known.

Heartworm, a parasitic condition that irritates the heart and arteries, was discovered to be present in him. This was concerning, but an update from the rescue team showed that he is now completely well thanks to therapy.

He is now able to sleep in a comfy bed after spending so much time chained up, and the food he has been receiving has been crucial to helping him gain weight.

Her profile was updated by the foster parent.

“He’s incredible. I placed the bed in his kennel after giving him a tiny snack. He collected himself and went into the space by himself. It has a radio and a nightlight.

The most recent images of Hero demonstrate his growth. The dog who was humiliated and chained has grown into a confident individual.

His rescuers posted the following on Facebook:

He is considerate, obedient, and nice. The only goal Hero has for the day is to be kind to the animals.

His prior, indifferent family didn’t know how to treat him with respect; when they were discovered, they were likely swiftly punished.

The Hero story is also expected to assist sensitize people’s hearts and convince them to stop accepting cruelty in order for animals to live in the homes they deserve.

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