A groundhog travels across a lake on the back of the helpful dog.

We often see animals of different species playing and interacting with each other on social networks . We may think that it is a friendship, but the concept goes much further. Sometimes, they would have a relationship in which two or more subjects associate to achieve a common goal .

A clear example of the above could be seen in a video captured in the state of Massachusetts, United States, which shows Wally, a friendly Golden Retriever dog helping a marmot to cross to the other shore of a lake. of the locality

It turns out that Wally arrived at the Hickory Hill site, in the company of his human caretakers, on May 16. The pet was swimming peacefully in the water, when suddenly a marmot approached and tried to climb on his back to help him cross, which the canine accepted without problems.

The scene was so unique that Wally’s human parents could not resist the temptation to take out their mobile phones and start recording it. According to Lauren Russell, the puppy’s adoptive mother, she was at a distance of approximately 100 meters from his pet while he was filming her.

The truth is that the groundhog managed to climb onto the puppy’s back and the dog was able to cross the lake with his new best friend on his back. Wally didn’t care that the groundhog got on . He just left him on top and continued swimming, sure he was okay.

It is not known if the groundhog was in trouble, or if he was just lazy, but the truth is that both have gone viral on the networks, with hundreds of thousands of “likes”.

“It was very funny and beautiful to watch. Now, it will be left for posterity,” Russell said.

The most beautiful thing happened at the end of the recording, once they both arrived safely on shore. Wally, who is just a two-year-old puppy, let his friend down from his back and they both said goodbye with a tender friendly kiss . Later, the rodent went to the bottom of the forest.

“This isn’t the first time Wally has shown solidarity with another animal, as he loves them all equally. He’s an angel. He even adores small children and the rest of the people , he is very friendly, ”Lauren highlighted, proud of his furry.

We could continue with other examples of other species, but the conclusion is the same: empathy does exist between animals, although we should not compare it with the human definition, but rather considering the typical characteristics of each species.

Definitely, every day our pets teach us a lesson in generosity and loyalty. Mother Nature is amazing, she really inspires us. She shares this story with your best friends.

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