A Happy Bath Time Extravaganza for Baby Elephant

Bathing an animal can be challenging, especially when it’s sizable, but a little elephant in Thailand turns this notion on its head, proving that bath time can be an absolute joy.

Captured on video by a delighted tourist who affectionately named the elephant “Double Trouble,” the spirited young animal eagerly approaches the bath.

Excitedly, it catches its leg on the edge, stumbles, and takes a playful tumble.

Balancing briefly on its head and appearing to struggle, the elephant skillfully turns onto its side, undisturbed by its less-than-graceful entry into the water.

Regaining composure, it heads towards the person bathing it, believed to be Claus Jorgensen, a Danish tourist who later shared the footage from the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village in Thailand.

But the adventure doesn’t end there for the exuberant elephant. After jumping back out of the bath, it attempts to seize the hose, bringing hysterical laughter from the onlooking visitors.

Head over, Heels!”: The Elephant’s Near-Drowning Turned Splashy Adventure

The video beautifully captures the moment when Double Trouble, the spirited elephant, teeters on the brink of a tumble before skillfully turning onto its side, initiating a playful splashing spree.

The excitement continues as the footage concludes with Double Trouble joyously leaping back into the bath, where a woman and a little girl spray it with a hose.

After relishing in the water recreation, the elephant playfully runs away with the hose in its trunk.

The Royal Elephant Kraal’s renowned Elephantstay program allows visitors to care for these majestic animals, guiding optimal feeding, washing, and interaction.

Since 2000, the breeding program at the Royal Elephant Kraal has celebrated over 60 births, with the most recent recorded birth occurring in December 2014 when Oijai gave birth to a boy named Plai Kotchasuwan.

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