A helpless puppy cries out in vain everywhere. He’d been battling so much that he was hurt.

Life in some cities can be quite hostile and even more so if those who live in it do so from homelessness due to the lack of a family or a roof in which to take refuge. Unfortunately, there are many dangers that those without shelter must face and are even more acute when it comes to defenseless animals.

Such is the rescue story that starred a furry in deplorable condition that nobody helped and who seemed to be sentenced to death, before the volunteers of a shelter went into action.

They were members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in South Africa, who were dismayed to discover a puppy trapped under a bridge.

The furry one trembled with cold and only looked at the sky, while he was lying on rubble and garbage.

“We are not sure how long this poor boy was stuck in the canal or how long he looked around for help before doting eyes turned on him,” Cape of Good Hope SPCA , on its Facebook.

Apparently the puppy was trapped in the place and although he tried to climb out of the canal, he couldn’t. His legs were injured as a result of his struggle to free himself, a struggle that no one had taken pity on to help him.

Field Officer Junior Komani and Education Officer Bongani Giyose were alerted to the situation by a citizen who had seen the puppy. Rescuers immediately rushed to the scene.

To avoid being swept away by the river and after several failed attempts to get out, the puppy decided to take refuge in a pile of rubble and the officers found it there. The men took out their equipment and began the descent to rescue the furry.

“I was cold, I was wet and scared; his situation was desperate. He knew it because he had already tried so hard to help himself that he had hurt his paws, ”he commented.

The puppy was rescued and cared for by a vet who proceeded to heal his legs. Now the dog is healthy and with a full tummy, but also waiting to be reunited with his family. Bojangles has a chip, so the shelter tracked down his owner and is expected to pick him up soon.

Serving is a privilege for these men who are happy to be able to save the life of any animal, share this inspiring rescue story and invite everyone to become the hero for any furry.

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