A homeless man is captured on camera celebrating the birthdays of his two puppies.

The world met Choco , a Colombian man living on the streets, who conquered the hearts of thousands of Internet users by performing a sublime act of love.

The humble 25-year-old man celebrated the birthday of one of his puppies on the steps of a park .

And it is that, although Choco does not have great material wealth, he has everything by genuinely loving his furry ones who are his life partners, his family.

The homeless man went viral by lovingly celebrating the life of one of his puppies

With party hats, a custom-made cake and singing the traditional “Happy Birthday”, José Luis Matos , better known as Choco, celebrated the birthday of one of his best friends.

Choco wanders the streets of Bucaramanga , he is a lover of rap music, but above all, a faithful protector and lover of his puppies.

He spends his days roaming the streets looking for food for himself and his faithful companions, Nena and Shaggy, who have been with him for 10 and 4 years, respectively .

“Shaggy came into my life four years ago. I ran into him in the Parque de los Leones with a lady who helped me with the concentrate for the dogs when I didn’t have any. She lent me a collar, I brought it with me and then the owner appeared, took it from me, took it away, and then the dog came back to me. My two dogs are my whole life. I give up food as long as they are well. They are my family. How can I not love them if they are my life,” Choco said.

Unfortunately, Choco ended up on the streets after suffering domestic violence . He left his house when he was just a 10-year-old boy, since then, he has been a homeless man.

But luckily, his life is taking an unexpected turn after the video in which he can be seen celebrating Shaggy’s birthday went viral .


love moves everything

♬ original sound – Angel Guerrero

To the joy of many, Choco began to receive support from those who came together to provide her with clothes, food, and even a home away from the streets where she could rest with her beloved furballs.

The park that he frequents has become a meeting place for all animal lovers.

Many approach to give donations; others, to take pictures with the man that the only thing that matters to him is to love his puppies.

Recently, his story touched the heart of the Only Fans star, Aida Cortés , who decided to surprise him by taking him to a supermarket and giving him three minutes so that Choco could put everything he wanted in the cart during that time.

A dynamic that many take advantage of to take away those personal cravings, but Choco once again demonstrated that puppies are his priority and grabbed several packages of food for dogs and cats .

Choco’s desire to bring products that meet the needs of her pets was so great that at one point the woman told her:

“Things for you too.”

Choco was infinitely grateful for Aida’s noble gesture, with the market she hopes to help some foundations that do not have enough resources to feed the most vulnerable animals.

His act of infinite love has earned the admiration and respect of people from all over the world, for him there is nothing more important than his furry ones .

“They go with me everywhere. They represent the light of my hope. I don’t let my dogs mistreat me, and just now I found a puppy that I once rescued. I really like helping people.”

Life for Choco and her beloved pets is taking a very satisfying turn . We hope that many people continue to support him and find the perfect balance so that he continues to be an instrument in the lives of many animals, and the best reference to remember that true wealth is what lives in our hearts and not what reflects in our pockets.

Everything that is done with love and selflessness is returned in blessings. How great, Choco! Thank you for making these puppies happy and bringing a few tears to those of us who recognize such a beautiful act of love.

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