A leopard on the verge of drowning is saved by the vigilant calls of clever monkeys.

Monkeys are some of the most intelligent mammals that inhabit the planet. The relationship between these primates and humans is very close, so a cordial dialogue can often take place between the two. As happened recently when a group of monkeys frantically alerted humans that a leopard had fallen down a well , the singular act of empathy for the predator has shocked the world.

It all happened in Rajasthan, a state bordering Pakistan, in northern India. A group of mischievous and playful monkeys were jumping placidly around a well, until they realized that an animal was trapped in a deep well of almost 8 meters .

It was one of its largest predators , a ferocious leopard . However, the monkeys did not think twice and began to make a big fuss, to get the attention of the humans who were in the emblematic Baleshwar Temple.

Fortunately for the cat, the humans heard the cries of the intelligent monkeys and followed them to the well where they were amazed to see what it was about. Deep down, you could see the bright eyes of the leopard confirming that he was still alive and they had to rescue him as soon as possible.

The immense concern of the monkeys for the well-being of the leopard was evident, at all times they remained around the well, staring into the bottom , they knew that a life was in danger.

The mission seemed impossible, how would they manage to get a cat like that out of the great well? The humans decided that the best way to save the leopard was to use a huge ladder , it should reach the wild animal so that it could climb out of the death trap.

After a great deal of work together, the leopard sped out of the pit and ran away from the spot, having escaped death thanks to small but determined monkeys that, in other circumstances, might have been its food. Without a doubt, you never know whose help we are going to need.

All the spectators of the great mission celebrated victoriously and of course the monkeys were also happy for having helped in the rescue. We rarely have the opportunity to see an event as unprecedented as this, where regardless of size, language or species, you can work as a team to achieve a noble goal and it is always comforting to do good.


This peculiar event shows us that animals have a great appreciation and empathy for all forms of life. Regardless of whether they are predators or not, they are always willing to help and do not hesitate to turn to people when the situation gets  complicated, making us regain hope for humanity that often seems disinterested in its entire environment.

Share this incredible story with all your friends and remember the importance of helping those most in need !

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