A little orangutan who was abandoned is lovingly embraced by the guy who saved it from an uncertain future.

Indonesia produces more than 20 million tons of palm oil per year and its economy is practically based on the export of this product, which is used for food and nutrition purposes, however, the agriculture of the product This is charging a high quota fee for the flora and fauna of the country .

Endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, the Borneo elephant and the orangutan are living firsthand the consequences of the advance of agriculture and land deforestation, as well as indiscriminate hunting.

A good example of the situation that Indonesian wildlife faces every day is the case of Rahman, a baby orangutan who was named in honor of the man who rescued him in a palm oil field.

It all started during a normal working day. The workers of the oil palm plantation heard the cry of the little orangutan and immediately came to his aid. They realized that he was lonely and nervous , but they assumed that his grief would end when his mother returned.

The next day, they realized with concern that the little boy’s situation had not improved at all and so they assumed that the mother would not return. She was possibly killed by hunters or by peasants from the adjacent areas.

One of the workers  reached out to the baby and Rahman clung to his rescuer with a unique tenderness, finding comfort . The workers contacted the International Animal Rescue team, as well as members of the Natural Resources Conservation Center.

Specialists traveled from another part of the country especially to pick up little Rahman in Borneo and transfer him to a special care center , where they house more than 100 orangutans that were also found in similar conditions.

The members of the relevant organizations greatly regretted the loss of this little boy’s mother. He is supposed to have stayed with her for at least another seven years, until he reached full maturity, but indiscriminate humans have separated him from her, threatening his survival . From her.

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Rahman, like the hundred orangutans that are in the care of the Center for the Conservation of Natural Resources, will be able to survive and grow healthy and strong , with the necessary care, but not so many other similar animals that live in their natural state, threatened by the hunting and deforestation.

Please help us to share this news so others know this orphan’s tender story, while also being aware of the devastation that some men’s evil behavior causes in the wild. .

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