a number of bizarre-looking monsters that nobody anticipated existing in the real world

In the world, creatures with deformed appearance always create the curiosity of local people and social networks. The cause of the change in appearance is explained by scientists as being due to rare diseases, but can be caused by environmental factors. Here are a few specific names:

Cyclops albino shark: This one-eyed fish was originally a fetus cut from the belly of a bull shark caught in the Gulf of California (Mexico). This fish has a syndrome called Cyclopia after the mythical character Cyclop (one-eyed man), a rare congenital disorder. It is known that in the world there are no more than 50 cases of one-eyed creatures recorded in the world.

Oarfish: This fish has the scientific name Regalecus glesne – one of the longest bony fish in the world. According to fishermen, Oarfish has the ability to predict natural disasters, so its appearance is a harbinger of earthquakes. This creature is rarely seen because they live at a depth of 1,000m above sea level. It is considered the oldest known living species of bony fish, possessing a length of up to 17m and a weight of up to 270 kg.

Japanese spider crab: It is the largest extant species of the crab family. They have a massive appearance with a large body and 8 long, giant legs. The length between the two crab claws on both sides can be up to 3.7m, which is twice the height of an adult.

Frankenstein Rabbit: Horned rabbits do exist, but it’s the result of a rare viral disease in animals. The rare virus is called CRPV. This virus is the cause of the black horns or more accurately, the tumor that grows around Frankenstein’s head.

Mexican iguana: These salamanders have fish-like tails and dorsal fins, the pink gills on the head are outer gills, fluttering like hairs.

Bergamasco dog: This is a dog with an impressive body by a thick coat characterized by very dense and tangled hair. Even so, its body is still healthy with good endurance without losing to other breeds.

Goblin Shark: This is a deep-sea shark with an ugly shape with a long nose like a bird’s beak. Its whole body is pinkish-white and its jaws are elastic with many sharp teeth. An adult goblin shark is usually over 3m in length and weighs more than 200kg.

Bald Uakari Monkey: This monkey has an unmistakable red face. The macaque’s bright red face is not due to skin pigmentation but partly reflects their health status. The red face of this monkey is also a way to show the “brave” of a male in front of his mate.

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