A once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a grizzly bear and a wolf is captured by a photographer (Video)


In Yellowstone National Park, an amateur photographer from Montana recently became an online celebrity after capturing a once-in-a-lifetime encounter between a grizzly bear and a wolf on video.

When Seth Royal Kroft learned that a large elk had been killed by a grizzly bear, he viewed it as the perfect chance to use his camera to get some incredible images. He got into his car just after midnight, and after a four-hour journey, Seth was ready for action on the riverside. And he had a lot of it!

When the Montana-based photographer observed the enormous grizzly trying to hide its pray in the Yellowstone riverbed, the sun was beginning to rise and a thick fog was rising from the lake. However, when a grey wolf appeared, the scenario got much more dramatic. It was Seth’s first contact with a wolf in the wild.

Despite the fact that wolves are natural predators and can be highly mischievous, the grizzly appeared to be remarkably peaceful when the visitor approached. He was unconcerned in the least.

“The bear, as big as it was, recognized a single wolf wasn’t a threat,” the photographer added. “The wolf appeared to be naughty and playful.” It was as if it were a game. It would come as near as it could to [the elk], gaining a distance of only a few inches before the bear stirred slightly and drove the wolf fleeing.”

The wolf tried its luck a few times, but each attempt ended in failure, and it eventually became lost in the woods. This time I’m empty-handed!


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