A pit bull is found by police officers at the door of their patrol car, pleading for assistance.

Getting lost is a very terrifying experience for anyone, since the idea of having lost yourself tattoos great insecurity on the body and the anxiety of not knowing if you will see your loved ones again.

This is quite common in vulnerable beings such as children or the elderly, who somehow see their sense of location diminished, but there are other beings such as puppies who also often go through these bitter episodes.

Pets can be lost, just like the dog in this story.

After dealing with a situation of public disorder in a neighborhood near the Lee County Sheriff’s office, in Florida (United States), officers  Soto and Rose  were walking towards the patrol car when they made a strange discovery.

frightened pit bull mix was waiting for him in the driver’s door, standing on two little legs. The matter seemed strange but did not intimidate the policemen.

It was clear that this little friend needed help.

The puppy didn’t want problems, on the contrary, he needed to be taken out of a pretty big conflict: he was lost. Not knowing how to get home, the dog saw the police car and seems to have understood that this was his only hope.

The matter seemed quite peculiar and the officers investigated the area in case the owner of the dog was nearby, but a neighbor said that the puppy had been wandering alone in the area for more than 15 minutes.

This little friend turned out to be quite sweet and once the uniformed men got closer he began to jump and lick their hands. He seemed really happy that they had arrived, so Soto and Rose thought that for some strange reason the dog perfectly understood that they were going to help him.

We don’t know if he recognized the police patrol, but without a doubt the little animal had done the right thing by staying there waiting. At that moment Rose noticed that behind his license plate there was something written, it was his name and his address.

Incredible as it may seem, the dog’s decision saved him from a fate of needs on the streets. Rose and Soto put him in the patrol car and began to drive to the house of the alleged owners of the dog. Sure enough, that was his address and Hank’s parents were very excited to see him return safely.

Happy endings make us happy but we are also astonished by the intelligence of this dog. He shares this incredible rescue story on your networks.

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