A protective geese decides to keep an eye on her closest friend’s puppies, and the mother responds.

If people were to think about what could be in common between a goose and a dog, perhaps a large part of the answers would indicate that both creatures do not share much.

A matter that is logical, considering that they are two completely different species. But if there is something that does not understand categories, it is love and even more so when we talk about the love of a mother.

In the recording that has circulated on the Internet, a Samoyed dog is seen next to her six puppies, recently given birth.

As is natural, the furry one is exhausted after having given life to her little ones, but she is not alone and a peculiar friend enters the scene to help her.

It is a rather friendly goose, who, moved by what seems to be maternal instinct and affection for her friend, decides to give her a hand in caring for the little creatures.

While other mommies are quite jealous of their young, this Samoyed is open to the idea of the goose helping her, and the bird responds in the best way.

In the recording, the dog breathes a little and catches her breath while her goose friend watches over her little ones.

Although at first the goose is wary and curious about the new creatures that move around in the cage, later it is observed to be completely uninvolved in the matters of breeding.

The goose not only helps her best friend after the birth, but it seems that she took the role of nanny very seriously.

It is for this reason that throughout the video the pair of mothers are seen watching and watching over the defenseless puppies as a true team.

There even comes a time when the goose enters the cage as a “paw for home”. There is no longer any caution in the approach, because she seems to have adopted the puppies as part of her family and, like an aunt in love!, she wants to be very aware of each movement of the little ones.

The goose is so committed to caring for the pups that she hangs out near them when the pups are sleeping. There is no doubt that in addition to being a good friend, she has a great maternal and protective instinct.

For her part, the dog is quite confident in her friend. There is no doubt that there is a very close bond between them, that is not specified in the video but anyone would say that they have known each other and been friends for a long time.

Both the goose and the cub demonstrated that motherhood is not a matter of species, but of love, and that both are equally capable of it. That was very well noticed by the user who left the following comment on the video:

“It’s amazing to see the breeding traits, even in another species… How do they know these are precious little lives that need to be guarded and cared for!”

The video is quite touching but also luminous and from it it is clear to us that many of the distinctions that we usually make are nothing more than conventions created by human beings.

Where there is love and trust, harmony will always prevail, so the goose will hardly do anything against the puppies, much less the dog . This new mom is grateful to her friend for so much attention and help received.

Although it may seem crazy to some, humans have a lot to learn from animals and this friendship story is a clear example.

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