A puppy waits every day in front of the ocean in the hope of seeing his absent owner.

Vaguito is the name of our adorable protagonist, a noble dog who has conquered the hearts of everyone in the community where he lives . Her story went viral after Jolie Mejía and her family visited Punta Negra, a small coastal community near her home in Peru.

A place with a rocky coast and a spectacular view of the sea, it was there where they met one of the most tender stories of love and loyalty that they have never heard before.

Puppy visits the beach daily with the illusion of seeing its owner who will not return

Jolie and the rest of her family settled down to contemplate the beautiful sight while the breeze gently hit their faces. Suddenly, an adorable puppy appeared that completely caught the attention of all those who enjoyed the sunset .

A puppy approached them and although it was alone it did not look abandoned. In this regard, the woman commented:

“He didn’t seem abandoned. He wore a ribbon around his neck and his fur was clean. She caressed him, waiting for his owner, but minutes passed and no one came.

Faced with the woman’s tender caresses, Vaguito was always receptive but never showed more emotion. Like the members of the family, Vaguito contemplated the sea but he had a lost look , it was as if a great sadness invaded him.

Soon after, the woman understood the reason for the nostalgic look of that little dog that looked at the sea as if it were waiting for something or someone.

Vaguito’s father was a fisherman and passed away a while ago.

Jolie and her family thought of adopting him, believing that he had been abandoned on the coast . It wasn’t until a local man walked past them and without hesitation, they asked him if he knew the puppy. After the man’s story, Jolie says:

“He explained that practically everyone in the area knows the dog and is very fond of it. He told us that the owner of the dog was a fisherman who passed away a long time ago, and that the dog comes every day to the beach and looks at the sea ”.

This sweet puppy has been waiting for his owner , his faithful friend who will never play with him again. Jolie believes Vaguito’s owner passed away about a year ago. Since then, the puppy goes every day and sits staring at the sea .

After the death of the man who took care of Vaguito, and the puppy’s loyalty to visit the beach without fail waiting for his owner, everyone in the community came together to take care of him.

The furry spends hours staring at the waves of the sea.

There are many people who have shown their love through small gestures that undoubtedly make a difference: they take care of him, bathe him, and provide him with medical attention when he needs it .

A local veterinarian in Punta Negra confirmed that a woman who lives near the beach gives him that warmth of home

After the story of the puppy that faithfully waits for its owner, Jolie was really moved . At the end of the day, the family said goodbye to Vaguito, who despite responding to his caresses, continued to stare at the sea.

Their story of unconditional love and loyalty will occupy a special place in the heart of Jolie, who is a lover of furry animals and will hardly be able to forget this beautiful ball of fur. In this regard, she said:

“I have a dog at home. I love dogs in general. His story really touched my heart.”

Without a doubt, puppies are one of the most loyal and noble beings. Vaguito lost someone who one day loved him unconditionally, but he has the love of an entire community that strives every day to care for him and make him happy.

Puppies also suffer the absence of loved ones. Let’s not underestimate their sadness and give them all that love they need.

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