A puppy with a deformed face is moved by his healing and never stops expressing gratitude.

There are images that are worth more than a thousand words and the case of Phoenix is more than proof of this. When the heroes who are treating him shared their photos on social media, netizens were speechless . No one could understand how a puppy could get to such a state.

Just look at it and your heart flutters

It was the group of heroes who heal puppies with heartbreaking conditions, Family Animal Medicine  ( FAMO ), of Oklahoma, in the United States, who spread their story and the impressive images.

They reported that after being rescued by other kind souls, the  Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue organization , in FAMO they have taken care of the little one, exhausting all their efforts, love, sleeplessness and care.

They called it Phoenix

But many network users, instead of focusing on the puppy’s recovery, were too concerned to find out what happened to him. They wanted to know if it was a case of unfair treatment. And since then, the rumor began to emerge that he had suffered because his owner threw acid on him.

The wave of indignation was swift, before which the FAMO spokesperson had to intervene to clear up the misunderstanding . Apparently, they do not have any evidence that Phoenix has received such treatment, but that it would be a very rare condition, which affects her entire skin. It’s so shocking that it looks like she’s been burned, but she’s not really.

The great thing is that he is now making a wonderful recovery thanks to the dedicated heroes who care for him.   He is bathed frequently and takes medication to improve the health of his skin and keep him comfortable.

“Phoenix will not be up for adoption until she needs more veterinary attention; and we don’t know that time frame yet. However, when she is ready, her adoption will take place through Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue,” the veterinarians mention.

Seeing its state really makes the heart sink , but the rescuers say that what is truly impressive is the being of light that emerged from that creature, which many thought they would even have to put to sleep.

“Here is Phoenix showing everyone that he is just a normal dog and that he will do anything for a treat,” they write along with a video that falls in love.

“His improvement is really moving, his tail movement is proof that he is doing his best,” they comment in another scene that shows that love can do anything.

Her rescuers were moved to tears at Phoenix’s sweet way of saying THANK YOU – showing how happy she is in a safe and loving place.

It was as if he couldn’t believe someone loved him for the first time.

“I was kissed by a celebrity, it was love at first sight,” the vet in charge of Phoenix wrote, touching many.

The case of this puppy mobilized masses, fortunately so far they have raised more than $20,000 for his recovery . You too can make a donation  here .

However, from FAMO they make an important call that has been shared throughout the world:

“It’s unfortunate that it takes an edge case like Phoenix to open one’s eyes to the crisis facing pets. We hope your support for Phoenix doesn’t stop after his recovery. We hope his story will inspire you to help animals in need by supporting rescue organizations. The blood, sweat and tears of him over the years for all animals like Phoenix, often goes unrecognized,” they conclude.

The story of this beautiful little dog is absolutely inspiring, who despite all his suffering continues to show that he is a being of light, and that love works miracles.

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