“A scuba diver comes upon an ancient-looking sea turtle in this incredible clip.”

For the most part, life underwater is a mystery to us.

However, if you work in environmental conservation or are a scuba diver, you will get the opportunity to see and interact with water animals that most of us will never see.

Take, for example, this video. A scuba diver brought their camera underwater and had an amazing encounter with an elderly turtle who seemed to be unable to get enough camera time.

This lovely turtle was discovered by a diver working on a conservation project.

This occurred in Texas’ San Marcos River.

This remarkable film was captured by a college student who is involved in river restoration activities.

They can dive underwater and even record what they observe as part of their employment.

It’s unusual to come across such an elderly turtle.

Turtles are frequently represented as elderly and sluggish in movies, television, and even folklore. This person, on the other hand, takes the cake.

He’s coated with algae, and while this doesn’t kill him, it does indicate that he’s been in the water for a long period.

When watching the video, you can clearly observe how brilliant and lively his eyes are. It’s really cataracts, which is just another indicator of the turtle’s advanced age.

Despite its many years spent orbiting the sun, this intelligent species retains its curiosity and kindness.

The diver appeared to pique this tiny guy’s interest.

The diver will not move while he is down there with his camera. It is preferable to maintain a safe distance from wild animals and allow them to live in peace. This turtle, on the other hand, just swam in front of the camera.

In majority of the photographs, the diver appears to be stepping back to allow the turtle more room. The turtle, on the other hand, looked unharmed and continued to follow the diver and the camera, frequently staring right into the lens.

It’s nice, and you can see his kind face plainly.

The good news is that the scuba diver already knew quite a bit about their underwater companion.

The diver who shot this video is a pro, so he or she can tell you a lot about their encounter with the turtle.

The diver states in the YouTube video’s caption:

“He is extremely personable and interested, which is an unusual feature for a snapping turtle, as they are often cautious and wary. For this video, I did not touch, disturb, or feed this turtle. He chose to come to me of his own own. This video was originally created by myself. He’s still alive and well, and he’s having the time of his life.”

The age and look of this turtle have many people baffled.

He has a fantastic appearance because to the algae covering on his body. Some YouTubers have also made some very nice jokes about it.

“He may be ancient, but those hair supplements appear to be working for him,” one user said.

Others, however, stated:

“This turtle appears to have crossed paths with my bloodline’s first ancestor.”

In his undersea environment, this tiny fellow should be able to meet a variety of aquatic critters.

This is a snapping turtle that is friendly. This type of outgoing person may make a wide range of friends or at the very least have his fair number of adventures.

Thanks to the conservation efforts of people like the diver who captured the picture, this little guy has a good chance of living a long and happy life filled with fantastic interactions like these.

Take a look at the video below to witness this incredible interaction in action.

Please tell your friends and family about this.

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