A small dog is intercepted by two police officers who arrived in time to save him.

Many would believe that the police are only there to help people, but on more than one occasion they have managed to save the lives of puppies and other animals . Los Angeles Police officers Mercado and Tavera were in the middle of the workday when they came across the cutest puppy.

The beautiful pup jumped for joy as Officers Mercado and Tavera approached him.

The puppy was tiny and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with his fun personality. However, it didn’t take long for officers to realize that the pup was not safe on the streets and someone had to do something.

The process to approach a street dog is very delicate . It must be done very subtly so as not to scare him, but the officers already knew how to deal with this type of situation.

Luckily, the little boy was completely healthy , but his life was in great danger if he continued in the middle of the street . After all he was in a very crowded place and there were many cars that could hurt him without even seeing him.

“How can someone leave such a beautiful puppy?”

It was then that they decided to stop for a few seconds and take the puppy in their arms. Within a couple of hours the cute pup seemed most happy with his rescuers From him.

The normal thing in these cases is that the police take them to a shelter or contact the rescuers of some organization. However, they had already fallen in love with the adorable pup so they decided to do something a little different.

Police officers named the puppy Hobart after the boulevard on which he appeared.

Mercado and Tavera had developed a very special connection with this little boy and they did not want to be separated from him. Luckily, the feeling was mutual . Hobart wagged his little tail from side to side every time the officers carried him on his lap.

They couldn’t imagine how someone had left such a puppy on the streets. Hobart deserved all the love in the world. In the images you can see how the cunning puppy refuses to separate from the policemen and follows them everywhere.

“Many are too busy to stop to help others , but these policemen managed to save a beautiful puppy,” they celebrated on the networks.

During the following days, the policemen carried out their patrol work accompanied by their new friend .

The puppy was looking very carefully out the window as if he himself was working and making sure everything was in order . That was how they understood that this was the fate of this beautiful puppy.

The puppy was just a few days old.

They took him to the police division and even welcomed him as one of the Los Angeles police department. The puppy met many police officers, but he always made it very clear that his favorite was Officer Mercado.

He had been the first to help him in the streets and that was something that the furry would not forget.

“We welcome the new Officer Hobart.”

Even though Hobart seemed to have a great future as a furry K9, it didn’t take long for the officers to understand what he wanted.

Officer Mercado officially adopted him and now Hobart lives happier every day with the family of the policeman who saved him. He is still as loving and happy as the day he was rescued. 

There is nothing better than a happy ending. Sweet Hobart will always have the warmth of home thanks to the good policeman who stopped to help him.

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