“A Snow-Obsessed Dog Discovers A Fantastic Snow Cave And Moves In Right Away.”

“She simply declared it to be her new home and refused to go!”

Echo has had two characteristics since she was a puppy: she is quite headstrong and she likes snow.

“As a Samoyed, Echo has adored snow since the day I acquired her,” Echo’s mother, Jennifer Wang, told us. “She enjoys burrowing her entire head in new fluffy snow and digging tunnels big enough to suit her entire body!”


Echo was walking with her mother and her mother’s cousin when they stumbled to a snowy cave. Wang and her cousin were excited to have a look inside, but Echo the snow dog was a little hesitant at first.

Echo was initially apprehensive about the cave because it was partially hidden by snow, but as she discovered it was completely secure, she fell in love with the snug little snow cave.


“Echo was still unsure if it was safe for her to go in when my cousin glanced in the cave, but once I poked my head in, Echo felt it was okay for her to go in as well and crept right in,” Wang added. “From then, she very much decided that was her new home and refused to go!” She ultimately emerged, only to return immediately, as if to say, ‘Hey, come look out my new crib!’”


They were eventually able to persuade Echo out of the cave and continue on their quest, but when they came across it again a few days later, Echo retreated back into the cave, this time determined to hold her position.

“The entrance to the cave was nearly fully covered up the second time we went on the same trip, but she knew precisely where the cave was,” Wang added. “She excavated her way back into her cave after breaking through the obstruction. She remained in there for quite some time this time, chewing on snow and simply relaxing (literally)!”


Echo was completely unconcerned about the cave now. She’d decided it was the ideal winter refuge, and she hoped her mother would be fine with her staying there indefinitely. After all, she was undetectable.

Unfortunately, Wang wasn’t on board with that strategy, so he had to come up with a covert approach to persuade Echo to give up her favorite cave.


“Echo was not happy when we chose to leave to continue the climb,” Wang explained. “We asked for her to come out multiple times, but it wasn’t until we brought out her reward pouch that she eventually agreed.”

Echo unwillingly proceeded on the journey with her family, but she’s still hoping that her mother would take her back to the amazing snow cave someday.

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