A statue honors the puppy who died defending five children from pit bulls.

Any puppy does not need to wear a cape to be a hero. And it is that, the most unexpected are usually what remain in the memory of people forever.

Such is the case of George, a small jack russel terrier dog , who saved a group of children from an attack by a pair of pitbull dogs in 2007 in New Zealand.

The puppy crossed the rainbow after having shown himself to be a hero for the defenseless little ones

According to the country’s media, such as The Sydney Morning Herald , George jumped to the defense of up to 5 children, between just 4 and 11 years old, when they were on their way to a dairy in the town of Manaia.

The pitbulls decided to attack the children, but brave George was there to come to their protection.

According to the little Richard Rosewarne, then 11 years old, the puppy was bitten on the head and on the back, for which he was badly injured.

The boy also recounted that people near the scene observed what happened and managed to rescue George immediately.

But unfortunately, the wounds received on his poor little body were so deep, and made him suffer so much pain that it was already too late for him.

Veterinarian Steven Hopkinson recommended that he be euthanized. His injuries were the worst he had ever seen in his life.

“Putting George to sleep is definitely the best thing for him,” the vet said.

Definitely, the damage was irreparable and there was no heart capable of seeing him in that unfortunate situation.

George was an adult puppy, who at the time of the brawl was 9 years old . He lived with Alan Gay, and represented the only company for his human grandfather of his, for 7 spectacular years.

His first 2 years of life were spent in the care of Alan’s neighbors, until they moved away.

“These two pit bulls rushed over and went for the kid. George went after them, is what he would do. He didn’t stand a chance, but I think he saved that kid from being bitten,” Alan Gay said.

However, both its caretaker and all the residents of the area recognized the effort of the puppy to save the children from danger . He did not mind giving his life in exchange, as long as he achieved his goal.

That is why all the inhabitants of Manaia went even further, and decided to immortalize his memory in a beautiful statue dedicated only to George.

Therefore, his legacy remained for eternity in the image that presides over the center of the New Zealand town.

All those who pass by his side cannot help but be moved remembering his heroism to death.

The memorial plaque honoring George’s life reads as follows:

“In memory of George, who gave his life on Kauae Street on April 29, 2007 protecting children from two wild dogs.”

It is possible to visit the bust of the canine and verify the love and devotion that the inhabitants of Manaia feel for him, going to the roundabout of the state highway 45 and Tauhuri street, in Manaia.

But even from the comfort of home, through mapping and navigation platforms such as Google Maps with the Street View tool , or Google Earth, it can be visited.

You can also see on the networks all the photos that people take next to the bust of George. His story definitely cannot leave anyone indifferent, already becoming one of the characteristic attractions of the city.

There is no doubt that there are heroes who do not need a cape, but it is a shame that we need these acts of courage so extreme for their worth to be recognized.

It is a story of courage and bravery to all tests. We hope that this four-legged hero with a noble heart can finally rest in peace.

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