A stray dog on the beach who chases after a woman finds a hidden treasure

Valia Orfanidou traveled with her dog in the historic area about 100 kilometers from Athens while saving the dog, and she would stroll by the sea every evening. When they were out one evening, a stray dog approached her while wagging her tail. She had seen us from a distance and joined the four of us in an effort to blend in since she was desperately looking for organization, according to Valia.

The skilled rescuer (The Vagrant Pet) posted the song “I froze” on YouTube. When you are a creature sweetheart living in Greece, you essentially become used to seeing forlorn homeless dogs wandering around everywhere and decide to protect the ones who can’t survive in the city: the weak, underweight, or injured ones, the young, and the pregnant females.

Millions of lost dogs are most likely present in Greece, and given that this country’s mentality is unlikely to change anytime soon, millions more are likely to appear soon, according to Valia. Valia donates her time to many safe houses and salvage organizations in Greece. Being on vacation in the outdoors is difficult; you must either ignore it purposefully or bring twelve rescued dogs home.

Blue, as Valia called it, is not insane, nevertheless. Since this dog is only approximately 7 months old and uncoordinated, she shouldn’t be required. However, something about the friendly dog shouted to Valia. She could sense the dog’s agitation in her very being. She was “frantic for a family where she would feel like she had a place and for human organization.”

Valia added, “She spent a middle of the year chasing people and racing behind cars of anyone she saw on that beach, wagging her tail and asking for anything.

For two days, Valia was unable to sleep as she tried to come up with a plan to remove Blue from that beach. Valia made the choice to alter the game’s rules in order to save Lan. Unbeknownst to her, her decision would prove to be a startling one because the kind wanderer with the tender soul is on his way to become a therapy dog in Holland!

When Valia thinks back to Blue and how they first met at the beach, she muses, “Perhaps she wasn’t asking for aid; perhaps she was providing it, to those who had no idea what a fortune they continued avoiding constantly.”

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