A street dog in need of protection finds warmth in a ɱaпger.

In this holiday season, despite the hard year we have experienced, we will enjoy sharing endearing family moments more than ever. We will thank life on our knees for allowing us to at least keep our loved ones. And we will keep those memories that will remain engraved forever in our hearts.

And within those celebrations, it is common to see traditions that keep flavors of childhood flourish in each place. As are the ɱaпgers, that custom in which a good part of the population likes to recreate what happened that Christmas Eve, in which the Child God decided to be born in a portal in the midst of animals.

We can find ɱaпgers in various places, located to commemorate Christmas. However, someᴛι̇ɱes we pass by without taking a good look at what is inside each one; but in this case it is impossible not to stop and look at what this Christmas card has to tell us…

This particular Christmas nativity scene has a special guest sheltering from the outside world , which has possibly treated him very badly.

The scene is very moving, it must have been very emotional to see it live…

The residents of Cricuma, a town in Santa Catarin (Brazil), could not help but be surprised to see that someone joined their traditional nativity scene.

It was a baby Gerɱaп Shepherd . The little puppy, in the midst of his tenderness and innocence, was found sleeping peacefully, snuggled up next to baby Jesus. Definitely, without knowing it, he had chosen the best place, and together with that other little one from Bethlehem, they staged the most tender scene that the inhabitants of the place had ever seen.

Unfortunately,  the puppy was abandoned , something that especially in these days of so much desolation, crisis, poverty and disease, it is common to see, much more than we would like.

So the little stray  was giving the ɱaпger a temporary use while he rested a bit. The adorable scene had a large audience, everyone who came close could not stop taking photos of the ɱaпger, especially for the sweet puppy that was sleeping peacefully.

The homeless puppy had no idea that his luck would change forever.

The story of this intruding puppy attracted so much in the place that the word spread quickly. To the point  that what ɱaпy wanted with all their might happened: one of the spectators decided to adopt the little one right there, and took him home.

Later it turned out that the photographs were actually taken a few years ago, but they have gone viral again on social networks… And why not? If it is such a touching scene… What a joy to know that the helpless puppy was adopted and that now he has a family with which to spend Christmas. 

Share this tender story with your friends and acquaintances. And do not allow the hard moments of this year to steal your innocence, tenderness and the desire to dream. Let’s imitate this sweet puppy that only inspires us love.

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