A sweet little owl seeks shelter from the storm beneath a mushroom and warms hearts.

After a photo of him went viral, a sweet little owl became an online star. It can’t be otherwise when you’re a rescue and your mother is a nature photographer. Poldi, a highly photogenic owl, is introduced to everyone.

Poldi was saved by Tanja Brandt, a German photographer, when he was just a few months old. It wasn’t long before the small chick and her adoptive mother became inseparable. Poldi, on the other hand, is a really sociable little boy who enjoys hanging out with everyone. He does, however, appear to have an unique affinity with Ingo, a sweet German Shepherd who has looked after Poldi since they first met.

Tanja stated to Bored Panda, “I got him when he was five months old.” He didn’t want to come out of his egg, and he was the tiniest of them all. Unlike the rest of my family, I’ve always liked animals since I was a baby. I used to find all kinds of pets and hide them for my parents when I was a kid. Animals fascinate me because of their beauty, strength, loyalty, bravery, and friendliness. They could teach a lot of people.”

Tanja undoubtedly catches her pets in a variety of scenarios because she enjoys both animals and photography. When you consider how much Poldi enjoys posing for the cameras, you wouldn’t expect anything less. And several of his photos, in particular, went popular on the internet. The lovely owl sought to shelter from the rain beneath a mushroom on a wet day. Apparently, that wasn’t the finest plan, but he still managed to win the hearts of millions.

Tanja told BORED PANDA, “I think my animals prefer to be photographed.” “Why? Because I am constantly outside with my camera and my pets. As a result, we get to go on walks together, have fun, go on adventures, and take short breaks… We snap some photos, and then the animals may go back to playing as we continue on our way. I am highly familiar with my animals and can sense their moods. When I take only one of my animals out, the other becomes anxious and wants to join us. We have a great time together.”



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