A tiny Chihuahua that had fled for his life is reunited with his elderly owner.

For some people, service or companion dogs that are trained to care for people who suffer from some type of disability or illness are not as efficient. However, we are sure that if they knew the story of a Chihuahua named Bu-Bu and her 86-year-old owner, Rudy Armstrong, they would completely change their minds.

Rudy is a veteran who lives in North Carolina, United States, and adopted Boo-boo some time ago . With living together, she became his “stalwart” and now he is also his hero.

The creature perfectly understood that Rudy was in danger and did not hesitate to seek help when he himself begged for it. The man fully trusted her and Bu-bu did not disappoint him.

The morning of the cardiovascular accident, Rudy felt a little dizzy and had no strength to move and call for help, part of his body had gone numb, so he told Bu-bu to find someone to help him.

“I need help, go find Kim,” the old man told him.

The chihuahua understood the situation very well and went out through the hatch of the main door to the street. The first person the dog came across was the dock captain named Kim, and Bu-bu’s insistence was of such magnitude that the man did not hesitate for a second to follow her.

“He came over and instead of his usual greeting of barking, jumping and licking, he stopped in front and lay on his side,” said Brandy Popp, public relations manager for  CarolinaEast Health System .

Kim called 911 for help. When paramedics arrived, Armstrong was taken to Carolina East Medical Center, while Kim took care of the dog. At the scene the suspicions were confirmed, the veteran suffered a stroke.

Fortunately, help arrived in time and the grandfather was treated but he is still hospitalized while he fully recovers from the consequences of the stroke.

The story of this veteran surprised all the doctors, so no one could refuse when Rudy asked to see his pet, they all came together to organize the most emotional meeting of all.

“I went to Rudy’s room to hear the details of when Bubu helped save his life and had the pleasure of sitting with him for over an hour, listening to story after story of his life, his time in the Navy, and their special bond. with Bubu. The fact that he doesn’t have close friends or close family made me think about setting up a meeting between him and Bubu,” Brandy said.

Along with a nurse and in a wheelchair, the proud owner was transferred to the garden of the Carolina East Medical Center to meet his true heroine.

“Prior to his arrival, Rudy was practically rocking in his wheelchair like a kid on Christmas morning.”

The reunion was full of hugs, pampering and a lot of emotion. Grandpa was happy to see his darling and Bu-bu jumped with excitement to be with his partner. “It was such a moving moment that everyone present was on the verge of tears to see the joy of Rudy and Bubu.”

“I’m excited to see it. She sleeps with me, when I go somewhere in the car, she goes with me and all that. You know what I mean? We do everything together,” declared Rudy Armstrong.

The emotional moment captivated everyone and even the hospital administrator dedicated some beautiful lines to the veteran and his “miracle” dog, as they themselves called her.

“We thank you for your service to our country and for allowing us the privilege of caring for you and sharing the story of your miracle puppy,” Carolina East Health System.

There is no doubt that the company of her best friend was the medicine she most needed to continue recovering. Rudy was finally discharged and returned to his ship accompanied by his beloved Bubu to continue living peacefully.

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