A wounded mother opossum knocks on the door of a refuge, pleading for aid.

We all know that there is nothing more sacred to a mother than her children. It does not matter if it is a person or an animal. If it is about protecting their babies, they will always come to the rescue. A mother opossum recently appeared on the steps of North Carolina’s Skywatch Bird Rescue . This particular possum has shocked everyone at the rescue center, who bravely called for help not only for her, but for her entire family.

The opossum is one of the best-known marsupials in the world.

Amelia Mason, founder of Skywatch Bird , says the concerned mother made her way into the food preparation area, where luckily she was spotted by a volunteer. In this regard, she points out:

“His face and tail were bleeding, he had scratches and an infected wound on his forehead. She seemed to be really struggling.”

Although rescuers are not certain of the reason for her injuries , they estimate that she may have been attacked by another wild animal . The little mother was so weak and hungry that she barely made it to the right place to call for help. They quickly took her to a safe area to rest and recover. However, this was not the most surprising thing, the next day the staff realized that the possum was carrying her babies in her bag .

They are an omnivorous species.

The scene moved all the rescuers, who without hesitation classified her as the best mom in the world . She continued to take care of her babies even after their small sharp teeth came out and they had the ability to eat on their own.

They do not waste any food that is in their path.

The center was in charge of giving all the necessary attention to the small family, who after a few weeks showed that despite their size they have great strength . Amelia commented that her mother is quite calm and receptive, but her babies are a bit wild. Emphasizing that this is a good thing because that way they will have a better chance of living in their natural habitat.

Its physical appearance is similar to that of a rat.

The protective mother and her babies are still in the center. It is only a matter of time before they are big and healthy enough, only then will they be returned to their habitat . This little mother opossum has shown us that no matter how hurt a mother is, there will always be strength to protect the babies. We wish this little family a full recovery soon and go out to conquer the wonders of Mother Nature.

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