Abandoned dog was found starving in the middle of the road — now she’s getting the life she deserves

It’s truly heartbreaking that anyone would abandon a dog. We’ve seen so many sad stories of dogs found in terrible condition after being left for dead.

But thankfully, there are also kind people willing to give these dogs a second chance and the love they deserve. Now, one dog is getting a very happy ending just a week after being found starved and abandoned.

On June 2, a dog named Hope was found lying in the road in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Neighbors saw the dog crawl out of the woods and collapse in the middle of a busy road, too exhausted to make it across the street.

According to a Facebook post, neighbors stopped traffic and kept the dog safe, getting her onto the sidewalk. The dog was starving and emaciated. They offered the dog some food.

Police arrived and said it was likely the dog wouldn’t make it, but a neighbor named Rachel stepped up to be the dog’s “guardian angel,” taking Hope to Cascade Animal Hospital and offering to save her life at any cost.

Vets at the hospital said Hope could pull through, and gave some insights into her sad story: they said she was likely used as a breeding dog and appears to have birthed many litters. Her owners apparently dumped her when she was no use anymore. Hope was not microchipped, and estimated to be about 7 years old.

A Facebook group called “Hope for Hope” was set up to give updates about the dog. Hope was brought to the emergency room for a number of tests and treatments. Her vitals were stable and she showed improvement.

In an update from June 4, the hospital said that “Hope’s progress continues to astound everyone who meets her.” She was still weak but continued to rebound, surrounded by love and care.

Over the next few days, Hope recovered more and more, regaining her health and spirits. And yesterday, the group shared their best news yet: Hope was well enough to finally leave the hospital and go to her new home!

Hope was adopted by Rachel, the neighbor who first saved her life. Hope had a “perfect first night and day” in her new home, sleeping peacefully in her new bed and getting to know the other pets.

What a difference a week can make in a dog’s life — Hope went from being near-death in the middle of the road to resting comfortably in her new home ❤️

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