Across the street, neighbors witness a puppy’s desperate leap from a balcony.

It is very unfortunate that for some human beings there is not the slightest ability to recognize that a living being deserves respect and care.

Some have a pet without guaranteeing its basic and emotional needs, it is simply an object. For this dog, the best option was to jump into the void from his residence building after spending hours under the inclement sun and without water.

It happened in the town of  Polinyà, Barcelona, Spain. Despite the big jump, fortunately the dog managed to survive thanks to the neighbors who made it possible for the fall to be on an awning.

The Local Police of the Catalan municipality has shared the video on its Facebook page  with the following message:

“These images that we uploaded today are not pretty, but we believe that sometimes we have to publish these videos to emphasize to the owners of the animals the responsibility that this entails,” the authorities commented.

Several neighbors  who had notified the police when they perceived that the animal had the intention of jumping into the void, improvised a padded solution using several clotheslines before the authorities arrived at the scene and thus saved the life of this furry dog.

The dog was trapped between the balcony fences for several minutes before it finally fell and was saved thanks to the help of the neighborhood .

The police , who had just arrived at the scene, picked up the dog and transported it to the animal shelter where it received the necessary medical attention and is out of danger .

The police have also opened an administrative procedure and a criminal one for animal mistreatment of their owners .

The video has caused a lot of impact among the population that has been surprised by the facts. Fortunately, they have reported through their page that the dog is in perfect health.

Let’s hope it serves as a warning for many to become aware of the commitment to have a pet, what they did is reprehensible and almost ended the life of this innocent animal that was suffering in deplorable conditions and desperate for help.

It is very important to report any case of abuse, just as these neighbors have done, who together with the police became their heroes.

I hope that the crime does not go unpunished, this furry deserves that justice be done and that he can have a happy life. Share it with your friends!

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