“Admire our collection of amazing and fascinating images of Earth’s animals”

Wildlife photography is an incredibly demanding art that requires much more than one would initially imagine. Just picture yourself sitting partially submerged in water with mosquitoes buzzing around you, enduring sweltering heat for hours on end, or spending a freezing night in the woods, all while remaining quiet and still to gain the trust of wild animals and capture the perfect shot. On top of that, one needs to be extremely fortunate for the animal to even appear. Wildlife photography is a blend of patience, time, skill, love for animals, and luck. And with luck, one can capture perfectly timed photos that are so incredible that if you blinked, you’d miss them.

We’ve compiled 50 examples of perfectly timed photos of funny animals that may appear to be solely the result of luck. However, there’s much more to it than that, as the popular saying goes: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Check out our amazing and fascinating compilation of animal pictures below.

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Photo Ƅy Daʋid Maitland

Photo Ƅy Urs Schmidli

Photo Ƅy Hakan PekƄelgin

Photo Ƅy Yʋonne Van Eck

Photo Ƅy Mahmoud EdeeƄ

Photo Ƅy Pam Mullins

Photo Ƅy Tustel Ico

Photo Ƅy: José Luis Rodríguez

Photo Ƅy Anders Grönlund

Photo Ƅy Zoltan Gyori

Photo Ƅy yaki zander

Photo Ƅy Vedran Vidak

Photo Ƅy yaki zander

Photo Ƅy cherly

Photo Ƅy Seth Casteel

Photo Ƅy Marsel ʋan Oosten

Photo Ƅy Harry Roekens

Photo Ƅy Marco Sartori

Photo Ƅy Carli Daʋidson

Photo Ƅy nissim

Photo Ƅy Roeselien Raimond

Photo Ƅy Marina Cano

Photo Ƅy shimi eni

Photo Ƅy Eigil Rasmussen

Photo Ƅy: Ric Seet

Photo Ƅy Rick EhrenƄerg

Photo Ƅy Geoffrey Baker

Photo Ƅy Peter Winnan

Photo Ƅy Conrad Tan

Photo Ƅy mehmet karaca

Photo Ƅy Ron Bielefeld

Photo Ƅy Peter Dam

Photo Ƅy Chris Fallows

Photo Ƅy John&Fish

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image author: unknown

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Photo Ƅy Ian Rentoul

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

Image credits: Ƅuzzfeed

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