After being turned away by others, they were able to capture a rare baby seal with a distinctive appearance.

rare baby seal has been caught suffering from rejection and indifference among the herd.

The family’s hostility towards the poor calf, because it was born with very different characteristics , has attracted the attention of experts.

Nature sometimes surprises us with lovely mysteries, as well as the main character of this story, which closely resembles the theme of the famous movie: “Ugly Duckling”.

He is a kind but strange seal that stands out from the rest of the family because of the color of his skin.

But the unusual fact is that biologists may have to come to her rescue, because there are signs that she is being underestimated by the herd.

No one seems to understand that the rare baby seal is rejected by everyone

This adorable orange fur ball was recently spotted in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk off the island of Tyuleny in Russia.

Obviously, albino seals like these are extremely rare and because of their unusual appearance, they are at greater risk of rejection and misunderstanding.

Wildlife specialists say they are ready to rescue the small mammal and take it to the dolphinarium if its exclusion is confirmed.

The pinniped stands out from the rest of its colony by the color of its body, its blue eyes, and pink fins.

Experts say the chances of a partial albino birth are 1 in 100,000, and there is a risk that the rest of your kind will reject it.

The baby seal was found by Vladimir Burkanov, a marine mammal biologist, the Siberian Times reported .

Burkanov mentions that the seal pup was nicknamed “Ugly Duckling”, although it has not been completely removed from the colony. In this regard, he assured:

“This pup seems well fed and is very active, so it is clear that his mother has given him enough milk. Other seals don’t pay much attention to it, which is worrying. So there is something wrong. However, she is not being chased or bitten by the other members of the pack ».

Dr. Vladimir believes that the seal has problems with its eyesight , and the chances that it will age or reproduce successfully are quite low.

“Cases like this “ugly duckling” is a rare occurrence. In fact, they look more red than white. This is a light albino without any pigmentation, not even in his eyes,” Vladimir added.

The biologist posted another photo, but this time of a different albino seal that was discovered in 2017 by photographer Sergey Fomin, who has grown up in the Severo-Zapadnoe colony on Bering Island.

Also in 2011, an ostocysed albino fur seal named Nafanya gained attention for its unusual coloration on Tyuleny Island.

She had to be rescued and immediately flown to the Sochi dolphinarium on the Black Sea.

“It did not participate in breeding this season and was only seen in the unpaired section of the colony,” the biologist said.

The truth is that the life of this pup is being documented after being monitored, and in case it is rejected by the other seals, the specialists will rescue it to take it to a dolphinarium to save its life.

The seal called “ugly duckling” has captured the attention of specialists, local and international media

A few days later they broadcast the scenes once they approached the defenseless little animal, its little face no longer speaks of how much it has suffered, due to a simple whim of nature.

It is a sad case due to the circumstances that make the creature suffer, but really “zoarrending” due to the whims that Nature sometimes has. We hope that soon you will find the protection and love you deserve.

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