Amara La Negra shares the first photos of her twin daughters: Sumajestad and Sualteza

Amara captioned the stunning photos with a touching message about motherhood. She called her daughters, Sumajesta Royalty and Sualteza Empress, God’s most beautiful gift, emphasizing her love for them. Amara, born Diana Danelys De Los Santos, and Allan Mues, a prominent real estate developer, share these precious children.

They raise their twin girls together, and Amara’s social media posts show her dedication and joy in motherhood.

The twins’ first professional shoot captured their innocence and purity. Sumajesta Royalty and Sualteza Empress spread joy with their charming smiles and sparkling eyes. Amara La Negra’s motherhood and artistic success inspire many.

She treasures every milestone as she balances work and motherhood. Amara’s life has been transformed by her twin daughters, proving the power of love and family.

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