Amazing ‘Tree of Life’ Captured by Australian Photographer After Months of Heavy Rain and Storms

Drone photos show an incredible natural masterpiece forming on Cakora Lake, New South Wales, Australia.

Following months of heavy rain and storms in northern New South Wales, Australia, photographer Derry Moroney captured a stunning sight from his drone: a breathtaking “Tree of Life” forming over Cakora Lake, two hours south of Byron Bay.

Since from the ground, the river didn’t look any different, Moroney was “totally shocked” when he first saw the footage sent by his drone flying over the lake.


It was when the drone reached an altitude of 119 meters (390 ft), when it started to display the amazing “Tree of Life”.

The image, which first caught the attention of the internet, depicts the lake’s water saturated with tree oils after a heavy rain. It is these tree oils that make the water brown and create a realistic tree-like pattern as they’re settling in the lake after the storm.

Lake Cakora is situated on the North Coast of Australia’s New South Wales state and is known for its stunning beaches and natural landmarks. The lake is at times inundated by ocean tides, making its waters rise and fall with the rain.


Moroney, who is an experienced nature photographer, began photographing the lake about a year ago using different drone camera techniques, tracking the tree’s shifting colors and size on his Instagram.

A hidden ‘Tree of Life’ in Australia



Image courtesy of Derry Moroney Photography

This particularly vivid ‘Tree of Life’ image went viral and impressed people around the world with its sense of beauty and wonder

The artist returned to the lake every two weeks to capture changes, noticing the variable shapes and colors after about six months

Moroney had begun to explore aerial photography using drones when he took the first stunning image

It was an extremely worthwhile effort!

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