An Amazing Story of Survival: Saving a Nairobi Orphaned Elephant

In a dramatic rescue operation, rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) raced against the clock to save the life of a critically endangered elephant calf.

The urgent mission unfolded near a water hole along the Mzima pipeline in the Ndii area of Tsavo East.

Image 355

Responding with speed and precision, the veterinary and Voi stockade teams played a pivotal role in ensuring the survival of the distressed calf.

Upon arrival at the scene, the baby elephant was found struggling to breathe, lying on the ground.

Image 356

The veterinary team sprang into action, covering the calf with a blanket and administering 20 cc of dexamethasone Hcl through the ear vein.

Following this initial treatment, a bolus of 50% dextrose was slowly infused intravenously to stabilize the calf’s condition.

With each passing moment, the team observed encouraging improvement in the calf’s breathing and pulse.

Image 357

Additional measures, including antibiotics, a Vitamin B12 complex, and further IV fluid therapy, were swiftly implemented to bolster the young elephant’s chances of survival.

Thanks to the effective intervention, the calf was airlifted to the Nairobi stockade for intensive care. Under the dedicated supervision of handlers, the orphaned calf defied the odds and made a remarkable recovery.

Having regained strength and vitality, the resilient youngster seamlessly integrated with other orphans in the Nairobi Nursery, marking a triumphant chapter in its journey from critical condition to a thriving life in the sanctuary.

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