An Effective and Secure Method for Changing Tires on a Caterpillar 990 Loader (Video)

The process of changing a tire on a Caterpillar 990 Loader is a crucial skill that ensures the continued efficiency and safety of this powerful machine. This article outlines a method that prioritizes both speed and safety, allowing for a seamless transition from the old tire to the new.

Caterpillar 990 Wheel Loader Change Tire - Melidis SA - YouTube

Before commencing the tire change process, it is essential to conduct a thorough equipment and safety check. Ensure that all necessary tools, including a jack, lug wrench, and safety gear, are readily available. Additionally, inspect the surrounding area for potential hazards.

Caterpillar 990 Wheel Loader Change Tire - Melidis SA - YouTube

To guarantee a secure working environment, it is imperative to stabilize the loader. Lower the bucket to the ground and engage the parking brake. For an extra layer of safety, consider placing blocks behind the wheels to prevent any inadvertent movement.

Caterpillar 990 Wheel Loader Change Tire - Melidis SA - YouTube

Using the lug wrench, carefully loosen the lug nuts on the tire. It is advisable to follow a crisscross pattern to ensure even pressure distribution. This step may require some exertion, so be sure to maintain proper posture and form to prevent any strain.

Changing Caterpillar Wheel Loader Big Tires Using Talcum Powder Method and Without Any Power Tools - YouTube

Position the jack securely beneath the loader, ensuring it makes contact with a stable part of the frame. Slowly elevate the loader until the tire is a few inches above the ground. Take care to avoid overextending the jack to prevent any potential accidents.

With the loader elevated, finish removing the loosened lug nuts and carefully slide the old tire off the hub. Be mindful of the tire’s weight and enlist the help of a colleague if necessary.

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