An Emotionally Taxing Experience: Difficulties and Death in an Elephant Herd

Amidst the serene landscape of Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a touching saga unfolded as a mother elephant and her three-year-old calf faced daunting challenges.

The tranquil morning was disrupted by the sight of the distressed mother elephant, her demeanor betraying her agony as she navigated the rocky terrain near Richard’s camp.

Image 1832

The mother elephant’s distress was unmistakable, evident in her hesitant steps, splayed hind limbs, and occasional signs of discomfort.

Restlessness and unease further accentuated her plight, prompting the need for urgent assistance.

Image 1833

Confronted with the rugged environment of Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a helicopter was deployed to transport the distressed elephant to a safer location for immobilization and treatment.

After administering 15 mg of etorphine hydrochloride through a dart, complete immobilization was achieved within tense moments.

Upon examination, veterinarians discovered lacerations in the mother elephant’s vulva, likely sustained during her challenging journey.

Image 1834

Complications arose from severe inflammation and partial blockage of the urethral opening, impeding normal urination.

Immediate treatment protocols were initiated, including wound cleansing, disinfection, and application of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. Gentle massage facilitated the release of accumulated urine, offering temporary relief.

Following treatment, the elephant was efficiently reversed from immobilization and assisted in standing, reuniting her with her calf. However, despite relentless efforts, her prognosis remained uncertain.

Image 1835

Tragically, 24 hours later, the mother elephant succumbed to suspected uremia, a consequence of prolonged urine retention.

Her passing reverberates as a profound loss, leaving a void in the hearts of all who witnessed her courageous journey through adversity.

Image 1836

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