An enormous muzzle dog turns into the most skilled and adorable pickpocket in the area.

Today we will go through the story of a pickpocket dog and her long snout , which she uses with a great and sweet purpose. She loves sweets, so she takes advantage of her elongated trunk to get them more easily, extracting them from people’s pockets.

Like a professional pickpocket, Tupelo knows how to slip away with the loot hidden in his snout.

Tupelo’s muzzle is like few others. Particularly long, he uses it every time he craves a good chocolate or any sweet that he sees in bad shape. Like the slippery pickpocket she’s become, she takes it and is off the map in a matter of microseconds.

But, not only the dog passionately loves her favorite sweets, but also toys. It doesn’t matter how they are, she just dedicates herself to playing and eating. This is how Tupelo, a borzoi breed, spends her life, carefree and pampered by all who are amazed at her size and the skill with which she handles her snout.

Footage of this four-legged pickpocket doing her thing has been captured in some pretty incriminating photos and videos. Tupelo is a little dog capable of easily getting all the snacks she wants to eat, thanks to her long and unerring weapon.

She knows what she wants, and she always gets her way.

His human mother, Allison Cannarsa, tells how the first criminal adventures of her beloved furry Tupelo were. The pickpocket by choice and definition of her own began in this nice “business” when she was just a speck of hair.

Since she was little, she realized that her trumpet snout would give her an advantage over others like her. In addition, she is so meticulous that, since then, the dog began to study the places where her beloved Allison strategically kept her sweets and sprinkles.

Allison added that, in order to crack down on the poaching in Tupelo, she decided to stop bringing candy on their walks together. However, just as she set out to take them from her house, she also deduced that other human parents of other dogs in the park could have packed something to give to her pets.

“ As my dog got older and smarter, I stopped bringing treats with us. However, she already knew full well that other owners at the dog park, especially if they had a pup, probably had packed treats with them ,” Allison commented.

Then, thanks to his snout, Tupelo developed such a pickpocket-worthy strategy. The scam method that the naughty woman has developed is extremely simple.

When you already feel the center of all eyes, the action begins. The very evil begins to investigate the area of people’s pockets with her complicit snout of her misdeeds, like a bloodhound .

And it is that, in addition to her long snout, the expert pickpocket has the perfect height to locate and remove them without making noise. Whether they are sweets, balls or other utensils at her whim, she disappears as if by magic.

“ If a dog owner is wearing a backpack and kneeling down to play with him, Tupe doesn’t miss an opportunity to open the bag on his back to get out what’s in it,” Allison added .

Actually, Tupelo ‘s illegal adventures not only allow him to steal toys and sweets of all kinds at will. The dog has an aggravating circumstance: she has been able to steal the hearts of all who know her.

Dogs brighten our lives with their crazy things and their games. Many of them just need to talk. That is why we are unconditional to them, because they make our days happier, that perhaps no other animal is capable of equaling.

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