Angel of Shipping! An African American couple embraces unusually desirable beauty as they celebrate the birth of a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes

Normally, the baby’s skin color at birth will be inherited from its parents or a mixture of both. However, in reality there are still rare cases where parents both have dark skin and give birth to white children, even the hair color is different.The basketball superstar was laughed at by netizens because of his white child 

Mike Conley is a famous basketball superstar in America. But he not only made his mark with outstanding achievements in his profession, but was also remembered by many people for his humorous situation: Giving birth to a child with light skin and blonde hair even though both husband and wife were black.

Mike Conley and his wife had their first child in 2016. However, when baby Myles’s photo was posted, in addition to congratulations, many people noticed something strange: Mike’s son had lighter skin than his parents, and his hair was lighter. her hair is blonde while her parents both have black hair.

Mike Conley and his wife’s first son has different skin and hair color than his parents.

Even at that time, many netizens laughed at Mike for being cheated on by his wife and the child was not his. However, in the face of all doubts and ridicule, Mike still completely trusts his wife. He affirmed that he knew for sure that baby Myles was his son and did not care about the detractors around him.

In 2018, Mike’s wife gave birth to their second child. The baby also has a slightly lighter skin color than his parents, but his hair is black like his mother. But Mike affirmed that his children’s skin color and hair color are not his concerns.

The couple’s second baby still has light skin but black hair like his parents.

African-American parents give birth to white children with blond hair and blue eyes 

In 2010, another case of black parents giving birth to a white child caused a stir in the media.

A black couple called Ben and Angela (living in Woolwich, south London, England) surprised experts in the field of genetics because they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This baby has white skin, curly blonde hair, blue eyes and is absolutely not albino.

The African couple was shocked when their third baby was born with white skin and blonde hair like a European.

The baby was tested completely healthy and did not have albinism.

The baby’s father said that he was really surprised when his baby was born, joking: “I wonder if it’s my baby?”. Nmachi’s older brother and sister are both children with black skin like their parents. What surprised genetic experts was that both Ben and Angela came from black families and were not mixed-race.

Anh Ben cho biết anh hoàn toàn tin tưởng vợ và sự chào đời của em bé như một phép màu với gia đình. Tuy nhiên, anh trai 4 tuổi của cô bé thì khăng khăng cho rằng cô bé không phải là em của mình. “Chúng ta là gia đình da đen, sao con lại có em da trắng?”, cậu bé bối rối.

DNA test results showed that the girl is biologically related to this family, despite her different skin color. Why are there cases where children have different skin colors from their parents? According to conventional genetic theory, a child’s skin color is mostly inherited from his or her parents. If the parents have dark skin, it is very difficult for the child to have white skin. In cases where each parent has a black or white skin color, it is likely that the child will have a neutral skin color, but in many cases, the child will inherit the skin color of the father or mother. However, genetic experts say that rare cases of black parents giving birth to white children like the above still happen. Professor Bryan Sykes, head of genetic anthropology at Oxford University, said: “In fast-breeding, variations in lighter skin may appear. revealed in later generations . This causes the child to be born with a different skin color than the parents. This case may be due to a mix of genes. To put it more simply, both the father and the mother have white skin and This skin color gene is silent over generations, but in their offspring it is revealed. However, these are very rare cases.”

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