As he sees his mother on a video call, a depressed puppy who has been whining for her breaks down in tears.

Anyone who has owned a loving and faithful puppy knows that the bond between a pet and its favorite human is unique and incomparable.

For true lovers of furry ones, these are like another child, occupying a special place not only in the hearts of their owners, but in that of the whole family.

The symptoms of canine depression are similar to those suffered by people

One of the most difficult things is to leave them at home or with a close family member or friend for travel or work reasons.

This undoubtedly not only worries the owner, who does not stop thinking about his beloved ball of hair, but often transforms the puppy’s behavior .

This was exactly what happened to a woman from Cape Town, South Africa , who had to leave home for a few days due to a business trip.

This is an adorable middle-aged chow chow puppy

The woman left her beloved puppy in the care of her daughter , who of course would give her the same attention as her mother. But surprisingly, the puppy couldn’t stand the absence of his favorite person and became deeply depressed.

The chow chow looked like he had gotten sick, it was as if his world had fallen apart . In this regard, the young woman comments:

“The dog lost all vitality since mom left. He was eating poorly and had completely stopped playing.”

The depressed little dog missed mom with all his might

The concerned young woman points out that she did everything she could to try to cheer him up but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until she thought of making a video call with the puppy’s owner that the poor man regained his will to live.

However, the young woman did not imagine the harrowing experience that she would live.

The sad puppy, seeing his mother through the screen, was completely motionless lying on the chair. But, while his owner talked to the puppy, it seemed that he had become even more depressed .

“Her eyes filled with tears and she let out haunting moans as she tried to tell mom she missed her so much.”

In this emotional video , the overwhelming moment was captured when the puppy, with feelings on the surface, told mom how much he missed her:

The mother, from the other side of the screen, tries to calm him down, assuring him that she will be back soon , but the devastated puppy just looked at her with his heart breaking into a thousand pieces while some tears escaped from his tender eyes.

Some people pointed to the young woman for having exposed the puppy to such a harsh experience. Since she was already suffering too much from seeing her owner on the other side of her, it was like increasing her pain even more. However, she assured that she had the best intentions and that she never imagined such a reaction from her sentimental little dog.

The loss or absence of his favorite person causes changes in the puppy’s behavior.

The woman, for her part, never expected that her puppy would become depressed during her absence , we are sure that when this beloved puppy returns, he will be comforted with lots of extra love and attention. And she’ll think twice before she has to leave him, and break his heart like that.

It is a reality that puppies feel, suffer and suffer the absence of their favorite people. We do not understand how there are still people who claim that they do not have feelings.

Without a doubt, puppies feel the emptiness of their owners, as much as they do when their pets are not there. Don’t stop pampering them and let’s continue to be a bridge so that more people can enjoy emotional stories.

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