As the abandoned dog realized she was being adopted, she cannot stop grinning.

Society is usually very unfair to people, judging them by their mere appearance. Sadly, for a puppy or a dog it is not usually very different, and if possible, they are victims of even greater cruelty.

Sometimes, certain races, either because of their friendliness, their tender features, or their size, end up stealing the hearts of humans;  and for some strange reason, the shelters are left full of some puppies that are rejected over and over again.

That’s what happened to the All Dogs Matter organization in London when they were faced with the question of whether a Staffordshire dog named Lily could really find a home one day. Especially since that breed of dog used to be one of the most rejected at the shelter.

The dog had been at the shelter for 2 days and had already made everyone fall in love with her charming smile

It was then that to help her get her dream home, they decided to take a picture of her and upload it to the networks, hoping that someone would fall in love with her as much as they did in All Dogs Matter .

Undoubtedly, Lily was not just any Staffordshire, she collapsed all the stereotypes of her race from day 1, captivating the whole world with her expression on her face that only invited to love her.

And it was exactly what Frankie Murphy thought when he saw her post when he saw it on Twitter. In fact, the tweet went so viral, and the shelter received so many messages and adoption requests, that Frankie, even though he dreamed of her being his, was afraid he was late.

“We saw her lovely little smile and couldn’t resist, we contacted the charity hoping she was still available. When we went to visit her, we fell in love with her immediately. We were sitting there in the waiting room, and she walked in with her foster mom, and she was so excited to see us,” Frankie recounted.

When they told her she was the first to formalize the adoption, she couldn’t believe it.

But to make everything right, he decided to take her with him for a few days, to first introduce her to the family and make sure that it would be the best for the dog. And without a doubt, it was the best decision: after a few days they decided that they would keep it forever.

Frankie named the dog Sybil

“She’s so good, she follows my dad like a little shadow, and she doesn’t bark at all. My neighbors didn’t even know we had a new dog because she had been so quiet. She is also so smart that she has managed to open our back door. She’s not tall enough to reach the handle, but she can push it with her nose and open it ,” Frankie says.

Sybil’s smile and sweet personality were her best passport to a life full of love.

For her part, All Dogs Matter deputy director Laura Hedges was very surprised with how quickly Sybil found a forever home. But at the same time, she regretted that the other puppies did not suffer the same fate.

“Her case simply shows the power of how a photo can say more than a thousand words. We have a lot of dogs coming in that are just as lovely as Sybil, so if you’re thinking about getting a dog, always think about rescuing one first because there are so many dogs all over the country looking for good homes,” Laura said.

Share this story to make everyone see that we are not one to judge the appearance of a puppy, and that adopting not only changes the life of an animal, but above all it changes yours forever. All furry people deserve a chance to be loved.

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