Bald Eagle Defending its Eggs Gets Buried Up to the Neck in Snow (video)

A bald eagle was spotted refusing to leave its eggs behind during a blizzard, even when it got covered in snow up to its neck, with only its head poking out.

That’s one determined parent. Image credit: Nongame Wildlife EagleCam, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

A very persistent bald eagle has been captured on video during a blizzard in the US state of Minnesota. An EagleCam placed at the nest by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which is currently livestreaming 24/7 as the pair of birds incubate their eggs, captured one of them waiting out a storm in order to keep them warm. The eagle remained in the nest even after it was buried up to its neck in snow.

A large amount of snow has fallen in Minnesota this week, and those watching the live coverage on Thursday morning local time could see the eagle almost completely buried, Insider reported. The animal finally stood up, shook off the snow and tidied up its nest. The other bird returned to the nest shortly after and took over incubation duties.

She didn’t look too elated when the storm started. Image credit: Nongame Wildlife EagleCam, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The local pair of eagles has two eggs, and the male and the female take turns to look after them. They had probably expected the arrival of snow, as they collected a lot of nesting material before the storm.

Surprisingly, the snow cover can even help keep eggs warm by acting as an insulator, according to the DNR. “The eggs are now nestled further down in the soft fur, feathers, leaves and grasses tucked in around them.”

There could be more eggs to come. Image credit: Nongame Wildlife EagleCam, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Experts say it is possible that the eagle pair will have another egg. Females of the species can lay eggs two to three days apart.

You can soon find out if you follow what’s happening in the nest on the EagleCam.

According to the DNR: “In 34 to 39 days, there just might be fuzzy-headed chicks to watch!”

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